East Coast Stamina 6.5 Results

East Coast Stamina 6.5

East Coast Stamina 6.5 has come to an end, yesterday May 13, 2018. Players from all over the world competed together to push their stamina to their absolute limit. Check out the Facebook Event Page to see what many of the players have accomplished.

Go to the official East Coast Stamina 6.5 page on Groovestats to see the full results.

Video Highlights

Team Juccj YB Raw Output

Watch ECS 6.5 JUCCJ YB ~Yark~ from JJHopezz on www.twitch.tv

Team East Coast Stamina Raw Output

Watch ECS 6.5 Upper Raw Output – Team East Coast Stamina from StaminaNation on www.twitch.tv

happyf333tz Solo Raw Output

Watch ECS 6.5 Solo Run for St. Jude || !charity from happyf333tz on www.twitch.tv

Keazie Solo Lower Raw Output

Watch ECS 6.5 lower Raw Output 4 hours from Keaize on www.twitch.tv

Keazie Lower Marathon 3.33

Watch ECS 6.5 lower marathon 3.33 split 96.88% from Keaize on www.twitch.tv 

Team 5 Inches Collectively Lower Raw Output

Watch Team: 5 Inches Collectively – ECS 6.5 Lower Raw Output from Quadstar on www.twitch.tv

Team BBC Chopped Liver Upper Raw Output

Watch ECS 6.5 Raw Output Set Upper – Team BBC: Chopped Liver – In The Groove 2 (Part 1 of 4) from TeamBBC on www.twitch.tv

Team Doki Doki Stamina Club Lower Marathon

Watch Doki Doki Stamina Club – ECS 6.5 Lower Marathon Set – In The Groove 2 from TeamBBC on www.twitch.tv

happyf333tz Marathon World Record