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DDR A Tournament at Dave & Buster’s (Galleria)

November 1, 2017 @ 4:00 pm - 11:30 pm


DDR A tournament @ Dave n Buster’s (Galleria)

$8 ($5 to prize pool and $3 for venue fees)

Prize payout will be 60-30-10; 1st 2nd and 3rd place perspectively

Planned Schedule: 

Wednesday – 4 PM – 11:30 PM 
4:00pm – Registration + qualifiers
6:00pm – Registration cutoff 
6:30 pm – Tournament start 

*if you anticipate not making the cut off time, please contact me in advance and we will try to make accommodations if it’s within reason*

Players may preregister in advance here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScuoOpzWs2tWqyCMtNd3H5BsL7H3XUZ2oXWeeIJH7f8cDaafQ/

View other submissions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FV6YUa_PPuqCOfapWV4bjJuyaGZWKvFHbFVUyzele4U/

During the registration window, Event mode will be enabled. At that time players will not have free access to the machine and may only be at used Tournament Organizer’s discretion (example no one is qualifying)


Qualifiers will take place during the registration period. If you are unable to seed within the alloted time frame, please let us know in advanced and we’ll try to make arrangements for you.

The qualifier will be One randomly selected songs from this following list:

-Far East Nightbird (Kors K Remix) 
-Wicked Plastik
-CaptivAte ~Chikai~

Players will be allowed one warmup song prior to playing the qualifier, but they are not allowed to play the qualifier prior to qualifying. Players will be seeded by total EX score on the qualifiers. In the event of a tie on EX score, a random tiebreaker will be selected from the remaining list of qualifying songs. 


Tournament will follow a standard best 2/3 double elimination bracket. 

In the event more than 16 people enter, a single elimination bracket will be run. Players in the single elimination bracket will play one random song from the qualifier list to qualify into the double elimination bracket. 

**There will be a cap of 24 players**. 

If more than 24 players enter and you don’t make top 24 in the qualifier, you’ll be out completely 

Winner’s, Loser’s and Grand Finals will be 3/5 (If time becomes an issue then only Grand Finals will be 3/5)

At the start of each match, the two players competing will decide on the following 3 items – 

– Choice of left or right pad
– Choice of first or second song selection
– Choice of first or second veto on random song

The higher seed will have first selection of these 3 options, the lower seed will get their choice of the two remaining options, and the higher seed will select from the remaining option. 

Song selection will follow the pick/pick/random format, where each player is allowed a song pick. You are only allowed to choose a specific song chart once throughout the tournament. You may choose a song multiple times if it has an expert and challenge chart, and you have not previously picked both of the charts. The winner of each song will be determined by the person with the highest EX score on each song. If a person wins the first two song picks, then that person advances on to the next round. If the score is tied 1-1 after two song picks, then the final song will be selected randomly (see the section on random songs).

In the event both players tie on one of the players’ song picks, then that person is not awarded an additional song pick, and neither player is awarded a win on that song. Any subsequent songs will be chosen by random. If both players tie on the random song, then another random song will be chosen (see the section on random songs).

For 3/5 matches, format will be pick/pick/pick/pick/random

If a player fails a song or chooses to forfeit their song, the other player is granted a point and is not required to finish the song.


If no one has won 2 songs after both players have picked their songs, a tie breaking song will be chosen via card draw program (http://shelfspacelabel.com/jefflloydthediddlerman/). 3 songs will be randomly selected by the program. The person who was previously chosen to have the first veto will choose a song they do not wish to play, and the person with the second veto will choose from the remaining songs the song they do not wish to play. The players will play on the remaining song.

The song difficulty range for the random songs will vary by each round. Due to song unlocks being tied to eamuse profiles, no unlockable songs will be selectable for the random tiebreaker.

Assuming a 16 man bracket, the following is the range of difficulty options on Expert and Challenge charts that will be eligible for random songs for their respective rounds – 

Round 1 of Winners & Losers Bracket – 11-14
Round 2 of Winners & Losers Bracket – 12-15
Round 3 of Winners & Losers Bracket – 13-16
Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals – 14-18


Expert and Challenge charts rated 10 and up are selectable by the players depending what round you are in. Unlocks that are not restricted to extra stage will be allowed if it is unlocked.

Assuming a 16 man bracket, the following level caps will be in effect based on the round of the tournament

Round 1 of Winners & Losers Bracket – 10-14
Round 2 of Winners & Losers Bracket – 10-15
Round 3 of Winners & Losers Bracket – 10-16
Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals – Everything 10+ can be selected

All mods are allowed as long as they do not change the EX total of the song (cut, freezes off, etc). All speed mods (2x, 2.5x, etc) and appearance mods (sudden+, hidden+, etc) are allowed. TURN MODS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED

Players are permitted to switch certain mods on or off mid song by double tapping the green selection button on the screen (sudden+). However, they must do it on their own accord, and cannot have another person do it for them during the song.


Most of the song modifiers will not be selectable unless you are playing with an eamuse card, and certain song unlocks are also tied to your account. Because of this, players are encouraged to have their own eamuse card and account set up prior to the tournament. If you do not already have an eamuse card, you may purchase one at the front desk of Dave and Buster’s for $5. You are allowed to borrow an eamuse card during the tournament if someone is willing to lend you theirs.

Please note that certain options are only selectable through the online eamuse portal (darker BG, noteskin, and arrow guidelines), and two options are locked behind having a paid Basic Eamuse subscription at some point (Fast/Slow, and combo behind the arrows). If you want access to these options and do not have an existing eamuse account, you may want to consider borrowing a card from someone.


We do not anticipate there to be major issues with the pads misfiring. However, in the event that a pad error happens and would make a difference on the outcome of the match, the tournament organizer will handle this on a case by case basis.


Shoes are required at all times. 

If at any point you do something deemed unsportsmanlike, such as interfering with someone while playing a match, damage Dave and Buster’s property, become visibly intoxicated, assault another person, or any other similar malicious behavior, you will be immediately disqualified from the tournament, kicked out of the venue, and will not receive a refund.


November 1, 2017
4:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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Thanh Q Dang


Dave & Buster’s Galleria
6010 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77057-6208 United States
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(713) 952-2233