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February 11

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I’ll be updating this as we go.

KAC rules this year kind of blow, but players from all around the globe have already secured travel plans to go to Japan and KAC anyways just to cheer on our friends and have a blast. So I figured hey, if we’ve got all the best players in the world in the same city for a weekend, why not hold a REAL tournament?

With that, I present to you EXTRA EXCLUSIVE. On Sunday, the day after KAC, we will be holding a 32-man double elimination tournament at Eternal Tower in Akihabara (formerly known as Tri-Tower). We will be renting the 8th floor of the building where we will have an entire floor dedicated to DDR A cabs to run and stream the tournament.


32-man double elimination

Top 16 qualifiers for KAC already get a free bye into the tournament for their respective slots. If someone in Top 16 can’t make it or isn’t interested, we’d take the next person in line (#17, #18, etc.) until all 16 slots are filled.

Seeds 17-32 will be decided by a qualifier set prior to the tournament. The cutoff will be February 1st. Just take a photo of your set and post here by then. Top 16 sets will be seeded in seeds 17-32.
Eligible participants: Any player visiting from abroad, or any player in the Top 100 for KAC ranking.

Rounds will be 5 song card draw, each player vetoes 1 song. Songs will be played in order drawn unless BOTH players agree to play in order of ascending difficulty. If the same song is drawn twice with different difficulties, the 2nd draw of the song will be redrawn to prevent a single song weighing heavier on a single match than another.

All rounds will be ESP/CSP only.

Round 1: 14-17 (weighted)
Round 2: 15-18 (weighted)
Round 3: 16-19 (weighted)
Semi-finals: 17-19 (no weights)
Finals: 18-19 (no weights)

Pad side will be chosen by higher seed. As of this time, there will be no arbitration. Scoring will be strictly EX score based, best 2 out of 3 (not cumulative).

Grand finals will be top 2 of winners bracket and top 2 of losers bracket. It will move onto Round Robin match rules. The same song cannot be played twice in a single match.

The venue will probably cap out at around 128 people. Priority will be given to spectators visiting from abroad.

There will be a door fee in the range of ¥2,500-¥3,500. ¥5,000 will get you in and a T-shirt.

Entry should be around ¥3,000 and will get you a T-shirt included. Top 8 will all get a finalist hoodie. There will be no cash prizes (officially).

All prices are subject to change, as well as start/finish times.

If you are participating, we would appreciate anyone who can stay afterwards and help clean up. The players in Japan are helping as much as they can to get this set up and their kindness should be repaid!

If anyone else has anything they’d like to add or that I’ve missed, please comment!


Hudson Felker


Eternal Tower
外神田4-4-7 MTビル3F~8F
Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku 1010021 Japan
+ Google Map
+81 3-5295-2346