Aug 24 2018 - Aug 26 2018


9:00 am - 8:00 pm


Facebook Event Page

There will be both a lower division and upper division. We will be using a PIU Prime 2 LX cabinet to hold the tournament, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with Prime 2 in general.

Male spectators are allowed IF they are a significant other or spouse of a participant. Due to space, we have to limit the amount of spectators. However, this will be live streamed on Seth’s official Twitch, which can be found at:

There will be 4 songs that each girl must play prior to the tournament. These will consist of 2 singles charts and 2 doubles charts, from both lower and upper division levels. No need to fear! If you are unable to pass some of the songs, THAT IS OKAY. This is more of an interest commitment for girls as well as a way to gauge your level of skill.


Violet Perfume S14
Imprinting D12


Bad End Night S19
Bad Apple D21


Every girl will have a 60 minute set consisting of Prime 1 and Prime 2 singles and doubles charts (note: this may change to 2 sets depending on number of girls and time). Shortcut, Remix, Freestyle, Routine, Co-Op, and Full songs not allowed. Scores will be calculated by adding total song scores. If we create a different point system that works better, that will be announced and added here.

Lower Division: Songs will consist of S10-S17 and D10-D17. All songs will be played on HJ.

Upper Division: Songs will consist of S18-S25 and D18-D26. All songs will be on EVENT MODE RANK MODE.

{More details to come}

Use common sense and be respectful to those who live in the house.

We will be able to house individuals. HOWEVER, if you are allergic to cats, hate lizards, or don’t feel comfortable sleeping in the same house as male individuals who live here (note: there’s 3 of them), I recommend sharing an Airbnb in the area with other girls. Hotels are an option but do cost more than Airbnb options.

Nearest airports: Ontario (ONT), Santa Ana (SNA)
**If you’re an international guest, LAX is the only option for flights**

Please coordinate with either me or Seth so we can make sure people are able to have rides to and from the airport.

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you all be beastly baes~