Dance Dance Revolution ROUND1 頂上決戦 2019


Dec 07 2019


2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Dance Dance Revolution ROUND1 頂上決戦 2019

*Translated from the main website. Find more info on ROUND1’s website.

Foot God’s Division


ROUND1 nationwide with DDR Anniversary enclosures
<Eastern Japan Block>
Preliminary pass: 7 people
Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Miyagi, Fukushima, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa Prefecture / Tokyo / Shizuoka / Yamanashi / Nagano / Niigata / Ishikawa

<West Japan Block>
Qualifier: 7 people
Aichi / Gifu / Mie / Shiga / Kyoto / Hyogo / Wakayama / Nara Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture, Saga Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, Oita Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture


■ Participation fee: No participation fee * Playing fee will be charged separately for score attack.

■ Subject songs: 1st stage task songs x 4 songs, 2nd stage task songs x 4 songs (8 songs in total) * Calculated by SINGLE (VERSUS)

■ Dedicated folder: During the qualifying period, a folder for qualifying assignments will appear.

In this qualifying, the scores from “Dance Dance Revolution Anniversary” will be counted.

During the qualifying period, the EX score that played the qualifying music in the “Folder for DDR Top Battle” is eligible.

Entry in blocks other than the entry block is not accepted.

* Scores other than the entered block are invalid.

* Even if the stores in the 1st and 2nd score attacks are different in the same area, it is effective.
Example: Entry is made in the East Japan block. Play is valid at the 1st Hokkaido store and the 2nd Tokyo store.
If you enter in the East Japan block and play in the 1st Osaka store and the 2nd Tokyo store, only the 2nd is valid.

Date and time: [1st stage] October 19-November 2, 2019 / [2nd stage] November 3-17, 2019

How to join is easy!

①Please send an email with the necessary information to the specified email address. (You can apply once!)
“Registered name” “Real name” “DDR-CODE” “Contact phone number” “Email address” is
specified Designated address:

② Complete the entry and play the designated theme song and score attack (score attack is possible as many times as possible!)
* Announcement of qualifiers will be announced on Twitter.
Click here for Round One Amusement Twitter →

* We will contact the person in charge of qualifying to confirm your intention to participate. (Email and telephone contact) * If the score of a player who has not been entered is higher, it will not be counted. Please be careful.

Transportation expenses (train or aircraft) for those who advance to the final battle will be invited at the organizer’s expense (according to our regulations).


Foot God’s Division (Preliminary on the day)

[Preliminary qualifying]

■ Venue: ROUND 1 thousand days ago B1F

■ Date: December 7, 10: 00-13: 00 (9:00 start)

■ Assignment song: 1 assignment assignment song * The assignment song will be released on the Round One official website and official Twitter.

■ Rank: Ranking in EXSCORE, and the top two will win the tournament right.
* If the total score is the same, the number of Marvelous will be used to determine victory or defeat.

■ Participation method:
① Apply for “Score Attack Entry” at the reception desk on the day ※ Necessary information
② After entry, score attack with designated assignment song
※ The case will use DDR 20th anniversary model.
* Two players will play at the same time.
* Playside will be decided in the order of acceptance. (Odd 1P, Even 2P)
* In qualifying, IC cards prepared by the tournament will be used.
The options that can be set on the official website will be unified by default.
Arrow: NORMAL, Guideline display: CENTER, Filter concentration: DARK, Judgment display priority: Judgment priority, Timing judgment display: OFF
* Transportation costs for those participating in the qualifying on the day will be borne by the person.


Performance Contest


■ Venue: ROUND1 stores nationwide with DDR (Videos other than ROUND1 are not subject to review)

■ Application period: From October 19th to November 17th 23:59

■ Participation fee: No participation fee (play fee will be borne by yourself)

■ Regulation: The performance section can be entered as a single or a pair.
* One team (1 to 2) qualifiers will not be divided into singles and pairs, and one entry will be judged as one team. Performance of one song per team (It is OK even if it is not the performance to show in the main game.)

■ Video recording: Mobile phone video or video camera video can be used.

■ Application:
① Enter “Registered name”, “Real name”, “DDR-CODE”, “Contact phone number” and “Email address” in the
designated email. Designated address:
② “Video address” Send with attachment
* Invalid if necessary information is not filled in or there is no attached photo. Take a video of your performance and post it to the designated email address within the qualifying period.

* You can send the video by pasting it on the drive, or you can send the address to Youtube via “Unlisted”.

■ Judging: Five judges will employ the judges designated by our company. The scoring standard is a maximum of 10 points: “Art 5” and “Comprehensive 5”. The ranking is determined by the total number of points excluding the scores of the top 1 and the bottom 1 of the 5 graders.

■ Notes:
①Please do not disturb other customers when shooting video.
② Wearing costumes that are easily mistaken for overexposure, show pants, and underwear is prohibited.
(3) Use of long objects that protrude from the housing and other performances that are annoying to others are prohibited.
(4) If there is a mistake in the application entry items, the examination may be invalidated. please note that.


■ Venue: Top battle ROUND 1 thousand days ago store 7 December start at 14:00

■ Participation fee: No participation fee

■ Transportation expenses: Sponsor’s burden (train or aircraft) * According to our regulations

■ Housing: DDR 20th anniversary model 2 units

[Foot God’s Division]

■ Competition: League game divided into 4 groups. You will play with 4 players in 2 units at the same time.

■ Combination: The combination is determined according to the results of qualifying and qualifying on the day.

■ Rules: ① Two players can play at the same time. * Performed by VERSUS play. ② Standing position is the 1P side when called first. ③ Deliberately touching the opponent’s body during play is prohibited.

■ Subject song: Declaration for each contestant (whiteboard entry method)
* Limited difficulty for the first round: 15-18
* Limited difficulty for the final round: 16-19
* Shock arrow scores are strictly prohibited.
* The same player cannot select the same song a day.

■ Win / Lose: Earn ranking points according to the ranking of each assignment (1st place 2P / 2nd place 1P / 3rd, 4th place 0P)
. The first player in each group will advance to the semi-finals.
* In case of a tie, win or lose is determined by total EX SCORE

■ Commentary: KAC champion gahou, KAC finalists YUDAI, DOLCE.

■ Moderator: Misuzu Araki

An event

[Performance Contest]

■ Judging method: scoring system with 5 judges Judges
10 out of 10 points (judged based on art score / comprehensive score)
* In the case of E judgment, the total score will be -3 points.
Compete for the top of the performance from a total of 8 teams.

■ Judge: gahou / YUDAI / DOLCE. / Misuzu Araki / Round One Representative

[Voting event]

■ Venue: Round One Stadium Sennichimae store (B1 floor)

■ Date: December 7th 16: 00-17: 30 (during Performance Contest)

■ Content: Visitors other than the participating players (customers) will vote for the prediction of the winner of the Foot God’s Division, and will be limited to customers who have won a lottery from among the customers who were brilliant. I will give you a T-shirt.

■ Number of sheets: e-pass x 15 Original T-shirt x 5 * If the number of votes exceeds the number of preparations, it will be decided by lottery.