East Coast Stamina 6.5


Mar 03 2018 - May 14 2018


12:00 am - 12:00 am

East Coast Stamina 6.5

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What is ECS6.5?:

ECS6.5 is the eleventh (after ECS1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, and 6) tournament in the East Coast Stamina series. The objective is to try to clear as many of the hardest stamina charts as you can within the format of the tournament. It is a team tournament, and you may enter it on a team of up to three individuals. 

Once again, since this isn’t a “main” ECS (like, one of the whole number ones), it’s going to be split into an upper and lower division to make it more accessible to a wider range of participants. 


Entrants can submit their sets at any time BEFORE May 14th, 2018 to count towards the ranking. Within that timeframe, when and where they do this is at their discretion, so long as they adhere to the rules detailed further on. 


Wherever. Any ITG machine that’s running an ITG theme and not the StomperZ one Stepmania 5 is acceptable as long as you’re using ITG’s life/scoring mechanics (using the Simply Love theme on Competitive mode is the easiest way to accomplish that). 

What are the prizes?:

  • Each player that competes gets a special ECS6.5 poster.
  • The members of each team in the lower division that breaks 1100 total points between their marathons and their Raw Output set (after scaling) get a special ECS6.5 shirt.
  • The members of each team in the upper division that breaks 700 total points between their marathons and their Raw Output set (after scaling) get a more special ECS6.5 shirt.
  • Each member of a team of my choosing from each division that I note as having performed especially well relative to their skill level gets a special, three of a kind poster.
  • Each member of the winning team of each division gets a special, three of a kind poster and a trophy.

Keep in mind it’ll probably take me a while to mail everything once the tournament is over. 


ECS6.5 is a team tournament split into an Upper Division and a Lower Division, with two portions to the tournament for each division. 

  • Teams are comprised of up to three individuals total; deciding who to team up with is up to you.
  • It is strongly preferred that you enter with people you are able to play on the same machine with, but in special cases, if you advise me in advance, I will permit you to play on separate machines. This is really only an issue for the Raw Output set; you must coordinate between your other team members if they’re not playing at the same place as you to ensure that you are not playing songs at the same time on different machines, or else you’re giving yourself an unfair advantage over other competitors. I would recommend streaming to each other if possible or at least using messaging to make sure you know when you can start your next song. Again, it is strictly against the rules for two different people on a team to be playing songs at the same time during Raw Output. You may also take the approach of just dividing your four hour block up amongst your team, but it goes without saying this puts you at a disadvantage in terms of efficiency.
  • Each entrant can enter on up to two teams for EACH of the Upper and Lower divisions, but they are not eligible for duplicate prizes (meaning if I were to enter on the maximum of four teams, and all of the teams happen to win the same prize, I only get that prize one time rather than four times)
  • There is no concept of ‘local ranking’ versus ‘remote ranking’ in this tournament– each division has its own ranking, period, and all teams entering are eligible for winnings regardless of where they play.
  • The lower division has songs in it from 12s-17s and marathons made up of 13s. It is recommended that you at least be comfortable with 13s if you’re going to enter. If you/your team fails the marathon(s), it will still count towards your team’s marathon total, however.
  • The upper division has songs from 16s-24s and a marathon with charts ranging from 16s to 21s. It’s recommended that you be able to pass at least a few lower 18s on command if you’re going to enter the upper division.
  • C-mods are legal. Mirror/other turn mods are legal. No Mines is legal. Any mods that add or subtract arrows, holds, or rolls– those are not.
  • You may rate mod songs, but only at rates that are at or above 1.0x, and you will not receive any point bonus for doing so.
  • Bracketing/mashing is not permitted in any portion of the tournament.
  • You must compete on ITG. The StomperZ theme is not allowed due to different life and scoring metrics.
  • You may turn off way-offs and decents (it will only really help you in the marathon portion, though).