Girlpocalypse 2019 Qualifiers


Céline Blanc


pin Courcelles-Sur-Seine

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Feb 18 2019 - Mar 03 2019


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Girlpocalypse 2019 Qualifiers

Welcome to Girlpocalypse 2019 Qualifiers! This year, we will be going to a whole new country, because GIRLS will happen August 16-18th, in France!

GIRLS is an international offline tournaments gathering the best female player from all around the world. They will be tested on 3 events: Stamina, Speed, and Timing. The best 12 girls will be invited to the main tournament.

GIRLS qualifiers will serve for 2 purposes : to be used as qualifiers to the GIRLS Tournament, and to offer enough content so that a lot of girls can participate and have fun in it.

Stamina and Speed will both be composed of 33 songs, 3 from each difficulty from 10 to 20. The harder the songs you’ll pass, the more points who will have!
Timing will be composed of 4 songs from each to 12, and will measure your ability to get those fantastics.

Songpack and exact rules will be released on the start of qualifiers, which will start in few days, and last until March 2nd. I hope you’ll all ready for this!