Midwest Coast Stamina FA 3


Kyle Dobay



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Aug 31 2018 - Sep 03 2018


4:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Midwest Coast Stamina FA 3

Qualifiers due July 15th, 2018

This will be the third iteration of the Midwest Coast Stamina FA tournaments hosted by Ryan. Ryan and I (Kyle) will both be running this collaboratively, and for conveniences of many potential entrants, it will be hosted instead more toward the east coast this time at my own home.

There will be over $1000 in cash prizes given to the top 4 winners.

We will take the top 16 entrants for this event, similar to last time. You get seeded based on your cumulative ranking between the 2 qualifying songs. Here are your qualifying songs:

Crossroad (Cirque du Enzo) – must be played on FA+ or ECFA mode on SM5
Smashup (Stamina Showcase) – must be played on regular FA

Decents and way offs may be turned off for both songs
CMod, hide background, and hide mines allowed for both
Mirror is permitted
Slow rate mods are prohibited, faster are permitted

Here is the download for the qualifiers (offset set to ITG 9ms)


Spreadsheet for scores:


You may not submit previous scores from before this qualifier announcement.

– Total blues will be counted for Crossroad only.
– Smashup will be normal ITG scoring percentage.
– Qualifiers due July 15th, 2018

– Everyone who competed in ECS 6 automatically receive a qualifier ranking. 
– There will be 16 competitors determined from the following ranking:
first by qualifier score then by place in ECS 6
– If you competed in ECS 6 but don’t play the qualifier, you qualify below everyone who did play the qualifier and below anyone who placed higher than you in ECS 6


Just like MWCSFA 1 and 2, there will be 2 individual sets with time slots chosen in order of qualifications ranking and a 1v1 portion, only this time it will be using a swiss format.. We will also try to incorporate a PIU side tournament for stamina (no qualifying score required).

The packs for the events will be released within a week of qualifiers ending. Expect it to be very similar to ECS 6.5/MWCSFA2 with modifications.

Stamina FA+ 1v1

Similarly to ECFA, this will be a swiss 1v1 with a top 16. If we do not get an even number appropriate to swiss, this will be changed to double elimination

– The event will be 1v1 using the Swiss format 
– It will be on FA+ or ECFA mode on SM5
– Swiss format;; in this format, there will be 4 rounds which all players will compete against another player of the same win/loss ratio 
– During later rounds, players will never play the same person twice. 
– For example, after the first round, everyone will be either 1 to 0 or 0 to 1.
– For the second round, the 0 to 1s will be assigned to play one another, while the 1 to 0s 
will be assigned to play one another as well, all based on seeding. 
– The same thing will happen for future rounds, being that people play each other with the same wins/losses. 
– This format allows for players to never be eliminated, have the same amount of playing opportunity as everyone else, and never be stuck playing the same person twice. 
– The higher seed will get choice of song protection, song veto, or side (more specifics below) 
– The higher seed will choose first, then the lower seed will choose one of the remaining two options, and the third will fall back on the higher seed 
– Song selection (vetoing and protection phase) will be based on card draw. 5 Cards will be drawn, 2 will be protected first (determined by who decides order), and 2 will be 
eliminated (also determined by who decides order, one by each player, exactly like how storm and other big events are set up) 
– The 5 songs will then be played in the order they are drawn, best 2 out of 3 the decide winner. 
– I will allow 2 warm up songs (1 song chosen by each player) before each round starts (nothing that exceeds 2 and a half minutes). 
– No mines is permitted 
– Greats, Decents and way offs will be disabled unless players agree to have them on
– Hide background and mirror are permitted 
– The packs consists of 12s to 17s, varying in BPMs ranging from 130 to 220ish
– You may use CMods for any song
-If we do not have the ability to do swiss, we will do double elimination.
-Scoring is 2 for blue, 1 for white, 0 for excellent, and -1 for each mine hit, roll/freeze dropped, or miss

Pure Stamina FA+

– You will be given a one hour time slot to get as many blue fantastics as you can.
– This will also be played on FA+ or ECFA mode on SM5
– You may hold the green button to back out and have your blue fantastics counted. 
– Each song will only be allowed once. 
– Just like 1v1, greats, way offs, and decents may be turned off.
– Faster rate mods permitted

FA Set Output

– Your 6 best scores in a single set are summed up to calculate your final score.
– Out of those 6 songs, 
1 must be in the bpm range of [150-160)
1 must be in the bpm range of [160-170)
1 must be in the bpm range of [180-190)
1 must be in the bpm range of [190-200)
1 must be in the bpm range of [200-220)
The last song may be from any bpm range
– Your score calculation will be similar to MWCSFA2 FA Raw Output calculation.
– For reference:


– Percentage is exponential. For example:
If you get 99.00% you will get around 90% of total possible points for a given song.
If you get 95.00% you will get around 60% of total possible points for a given song.
If you get 90.00% you will get around 30% of total possible points for a given song.

Pump Raw Output

– This is a side tournament with Pump it Up. 
– It follows the exact same rules and scoring as the ECS Raw Output sets but played on Pump it Up 5 panel. 
– Will update this with more info later.

Overall winner

– Overall Midwest Coast Stamina FA 3 champion will be determined from all of the ITG tournaments. 
– There will be prizes for top 4, including trophies and cash
– Placing is determined by the lowest total rank from the 3 ITG tournaments. e.g. 1st + 4th + 3rd = 8 points. 
– Tie breakers are as follows in order of resolution: your best rank in any tournament, most number of the best ranks, least worst rank, fewest worst ranks, placement in double elimination.

P1 ranks 1st, 1st, 3rd
P2 ranks 2nd, 1st, 2nd
P1 would win overall.