RhythmCore Pump It Up Tournament


David Sedai


Round 1 Broadway Mall
358 N. Broadway Mall

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Jul 15 2018


12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

RhythmCore Pump It Up Tournament

Come join us for an exciting Pump it Up festival here on Long Island at Round 1 Broadway Mall! We will have two speed divisions, Fantasy (S6-12) and Requiem (S13-26) with doubles in the final rounds. In addition to this, we are pleased to bring you a Freestyle competition, so come down and bring your best dance!

This will be a very special event, as it will be the first rhythm game tournament held at Round 1 Broadway Mall. No matter your style of play and level of skill, we welcome you all to come participate, make friends and push yourself to become an even greater player!

We will also have a professional photographer taking pictures throughout the event as well as a live stream being featured on Twitch for those of you who are too far away or can’t make it!..
Live commentary stream will be airing here:
Behind the scenes & crowd streaming will be here:

Full rules and details are posted here: