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Apr 20 2019 - Jun 30 2019


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A Remote DDR Tournament Series



Special Summer Campaign (SSC) is a remote divisional DanceDanceRevolution tournament series for all players of all skill levels to participate in. It’s intended as a tournament to be run during the summer, but with the imminent release of A20, I want to push this installment forward to conclude before the new mix is released.***


*NOTE* : The tournament organizers have decided to push the tournament back until A20 is released. Please keep up to date with us for start dates. Qualifiers will still be held on DDR A and will start February 9, and conclude March 23rd.

Okay, so…what exactly is SSC?
-SSC is a round-based successive elimination tournament, split into three divisions (High, Mid, Low). The tournament is to be played on DDR A, no earlier mixes.

-There will be a qualifying period before the first round starts, and there is no limit to the number of people that can submit qualifiers. However, only a maximum of 200 will move on

-From there, your qualifying rank will determine what division you are placed in.

Division breakdown by capacity
Rank 1-88 : High (top 44% of qualifiers)
Rank 89-152 : Mid (middle 32% of qualifiers)
Rank 153-200 : Low (bottom 24% of qualifiers)

-If less than 200 people qualify, the percentage rule will stay in place. For example, if 100 people enter, then High Division will have 44 entrants, Mid will have 32, and Low will have 24.

What is the tournament structure?
-Qualifying begins Saturday, February 9, 2019 @ 12:00am Eastern and will run through Saturday, March 23, 2019 @ 11:59pm Eastern.

-The main tournament will start on *TBA*. This is to allow the tournament organizers to have time to manage tiebreakers, sort players, and determine the difficulty ranges that will be used


*Due to recent info about the projected release date of DDR A20, the main tournament is going to be pushed back until after its release. We will update when we have more info, but we are looking at late-May / early-June based on current projection.

-Qualifiers will be two songs. Each round will have two separate songs per division (effectively, six songs will be announced per round).

-The difficulty range per division will be determined based on qualifier scores.

-The main tournament will last 12 weeks, with six rounds lasting two weeks each. Every round will have a placement cutoff, which will be specified further down this post.

How does scoring work?
-Cumulative EX score for qualifiers, and per round, will be used.

-During the qualifiers, you may play whatever difficulty you want to get the highest EX possible, but during the tiebreaker and rounds, you must play the difficulties specified.



Scarlet Moon (DDR 2014)
EX Possible: 1266

冥 (Mei) (DDR X2)
EX Possible: 2220

TOTAL EX Possible: 3486

If the tiebreaker needs to be used after qualifiers end:

EX Possible: 1845


NOTE: Score spreadsheet won’t be released until a couple weeks before the end of qualifiers.

How do I submit scores:
There will be two proper ways to submit scores.


Google Submission Form (PREFERRED)


Twitter: DM scores to @SSCtourneys

-When submitting scores, please have your player name visible, along with the full song name, difficulty, and EX score. No exceptions.

-If playing while a machine is offline, we will be lenient with needing the player name shown, but make an effort to verify that you are in fact the one who got the score.

-If anyone is suspected of sandbagging to be placed in a lower division, you may be moved to a higher division, or disqualified, at the discretion of the organizers.


Elimination Structure per round
The number of entrants shown to be eliminated per round is based on the tournament being full with 200 entrants. If there are less than 200, the % of remaining entrants per round will be eliminated as shown. There may be slight variations to the percentages based on the exact number of people per division, but regardless, there will always be 3 winners per division.

Eliminations will be as follows:

High (88 / 44% of qualifiers)

Round 1: 66 move on (elim. 20 / 23% of remaining)
Round 2: 48 move on (elim. 18 / 27% of remaining)
Round 3: 32 move on (elim. 16 / 33% of remaining)
Round 4: 16 move on (elim. 16 / 50% of remaining)
Round 5: 8 move on (elim. 8 / 50% of remaining)
Final: Top 3 winners

Mid (64 / 32% of qualifiers)

Round 1: 50 move on (elim. 16 / 25% of remaining)
Round 2: 38 move on (elim. 12 / 24% of remaining)
Round 3: 26 move on (elim. 12 / 32% of remaining)
Round 4: 16 move on (elim. 10 / 38% of remaining)
Round 5: 8 move on (elim. 8 / 50% of remaining)
Final: Top 3 winners

Low (48 / 24% of qualifiers)

Round 1: 36 move on (elim. 12 / 25% of remaining)
Round 2: 28 move on (elim. 10 / 22% of remaining)
Round 3: 20 move on (elim. 8 / 28% of remaining)
Round 4: 14 move on (elim. 6 / 30% of remaining)
Round 5: 8 move on (elim. 6 / 42% of remaining)
Final: Top 3 winners

Although we don’t anticipate an extremely low turnout, if the tournament organizers deem that there aren’t enough entrants to justify splitting into three divisions, then we will split into two divisions and adjust elimination % to appropriate levels.


Top 3 in each division will receive trophies, and first place winners will also receive a tournament shirt.

Wait…there are shirts too???
Yes! UberPrints will print high quality, custom shirts and tank tops for those of you who want to show your spirit. Right now there are a few options available, but hopefully more to come in the future! Maybe we will even have other kinds of merchandise available in the future…

If you have any other questions, please contact!

Organizer: Cam King (Twitter: @Lolifoxxx)
Co-host: Cuong ‘Foo’ Do (Twitter: @mistaFOO)
Follow us on Twitter: @SSCtourneys
Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/x5HKvbV
Email: specialsummerddr@gmail.com

Special thanks to Brittney Scott (Twitter: @thegalagaship) for her very helpful insight to have a proper structure, and graphic design work to help advertising!

Thank you all for playing, and good luck!