Super Extra Exclusive 2 VS Extra Inclusive


Sara Ezgi Akgül

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Steve Charron
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Eternal Tower
外神田4-4-7 MTビル3F~8F


Feb 09 2020


9:00 am - 11:00 pm

Super Extra Exclusive 2 VS Extra Inclusive

The 9th KAC qualifying round has concluded, the rules have been announced, and players from all around the globe are anticipating the big event at the JAEPO convention in Japan. Unfortunately, this year, KAZE.573 isn’t able to make the trip. But going to Japan…and not entering a “real” DDR tournament? Doesn’t feel right, does it?





A tournament where some of the greatest DDR players of the world can duke it out in the heart of Japan!

On Sunday Feb 9th, the day after KAC, we will be holding 2 separate 16-player double elim tournaments at Eternal Amusement Tower in Akihabara.

Eternal Amusement Tower, Akihabara

Sunday, February 9th @ 11AM


EXCLUSIVE will be songs in the 15-19 range. INCLUSIVE will be 13-16.

For both EXCLUSIVE and INCLUSIVE divisions, card draws will be 5 random songs in Winner’s Bracket and 3 random songs in Loser’s Bracket (7 for Winners/Losers/Grand Finals). All difficulties (Basic, Difficult, Expert, Challenge) will be included. Each player will eliminate one (higher seed may choose veto order or pad choice prior to seeing the draw). The first player to win a majority of songs wins. In the event of ties, a single random song will be drawn until a winner is determined.


The winner of DDR 9th KAC will automatically be seeded 1st in the EXCLUSIVE division. All other seeds will be determined by remote qualifier. The cutoff for submitting scores will be 03:00 JST, February 3rd. All players are encouraged to submit qualifying scores!

Play a set that includes these 3 songs. Your set may be played in any order, and you can replay any song within that set. If you get Extra Stage, you are welcome to replay any of the songs once more. The higher of each of the songs’ scores will be counted. Take a photo of the grand results screen for your set:

セツナトリップ (14)
roppongi EVOLVED (ver.B) (15)
六兆年と一夜物語 (16)

Card Draw:
All difficulties (BASIC, DIFFICULTY, EXPERT, CHALLENGE) will be included. Songs from the following events will not be used:
—いちかのBEMANI投票選抜戦2019 Songs (Ichika Voting Event) EXCEPT 最小三倍完全数 (The Smallest Tri-perfect number) and Trill auf G
—All ゴールデンリーグ (Golden League) Songs

Round of 16:
15: 15%
16: 30%
17: 30%
18: 25%

Round of 8:
16: 30%
17: 35%
18: 35%

16: 20%
17: 40%
18: 35%
19: 5%

Winners/Losers/Grand Finals:
16: 10%
17: 40%
18: 40%
19: 10%

Round of 16:
13: 25%
14: 35%
15: 35%
16: 5%

Round of 8:
13: 15%
14: 40%
15: 35%
16: 15%

13: 5%
14: 30%
15: 40%
16: 25%

Winners/Losers/Grand Finals:
14: 25%
15: 45%
16: 30%

Pad side will be chosen by higher seed. As of this time, there will be no arbitration.
All rounds will be strictly EX score based.

*During the Top 8, competitors will be given 1 warm-up song before their set begins. During all finals matches, competitors will be given up to 2 warm-up songs before their set begins.

All rules are subject to change, and any changes will be promptly announced, so please check back periodically leading up to the event. The general structure of the event, date, and location will not change.

[Other Details]

For those that cannot attend, there will be a live stream setup. The link will be posted once details are confirmed.

For a visual of the tournament bracket format, please see below:

For a list of confirmed attendees, and the current standings on qualifiers and seeding, see below:

There is a venue fee of ¥1,000 for all spectators and competitors. Those who pre-register by 2/02 can get their venue fee and a SUPER Extra Exclusive vs Extra Inclusive t-shirt for ¥3,000 (a ¥500 savings!). Those who do not reserve will be able to purchase available goods on-site the day of the event. Unsold items may be sold online at a later date (while supplies last).

For pre-registration or to reserve items, please remit payment via PayPal to:

To avoid transaction fees, please send payment as “gift.” In the memo section, write your real name and username, what goods you’d like to reserve (please include size in American), and whether you’re a spectator or competitor (and which events you’ll be entering).

If you’re in Japan and would like to pre-register, please speak to Lily directly at Eternal Amusement Tower in Akihabara.

First place in both tournaments will receive a SUPER Extra Exclusive/Inclusive trophy. A separate special award is planned for other finalists. There will be no cash prizes.

Merchandise such as T-shirts and other extremely exclusive items will be available for purchase at the event. To reserve your goods, please include payment with your pre-registration and leave a comment with your name, shirt size (American), and which items you are paying for. They will be available to pick-up at the event.

Prices (as of 01/07/2020):
¥2,500 SUPER Extra Exclusive vs Extra Inclusive t-shirt
¥4,500 SUPER Extra Exclusive vs Extra Inclusive Hoodie
¥1,000 SUPER Extra Exclusive vs Extra Inclusive athletic towel

*If you are not attending the event, we will be selling the remaining items online at a later time and will have them available for pickup at The Big Deal 4!

*All prices are subject to change, as well as start/finish times. Rules, event location, and other details may need to modified if necessary. In the event that any details change, it will be publicly announced and updated here prior to the event.

*For pre-registration and to reserve goods, please remit payment to via PayPal with the comment “Extra Exclusive”, with your user handle and shirt sizes. Please send as gift to avoid service fees.

If you are participating at the event, we would appreciate anyone who can stay afterwards and help clean up. The players in Japan are helping as much as they can to get this set up and their kindness should be repaid!

If anyone else has anything they’d like to add or that I’ve missed, please comment! We look forward to seeing you all there and on the stream!

ranatalus & EGGY