USPF 2018: United States Pump Festival 2018


Apr 28 2018


12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

USPF 2018: United States Pump Festival 2018

Location: Round 1, Eastridge Mall, 2200 Eastridge Loop #2094, San Jose, CA 95122
Time: April 28, 2018, 12-7 PM
Entry/Venue Fee: $10 to participate (tentative, pending on if we can find support to subsidize this fee), free to watch

I am pleased to formally announce the United States Pump Festival 2018! USPF 2018, the official national tournament for Pump It Up for the United States of America, will be taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the heart of Silicon Valley in Round 1 Eastridge Mall in San Jose!

As it was in previous USPFs, there will be female speed, freestyle, and male speed divisions. The winner of each of these divisions will be eligible for a future international official Pump It Up event.

This will be the first time for a national Pump It Up tournament to take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I, Kevin Tan, the official West USA Supporter, and other Northern California Pump It Up players are eager to welcome all of you into our area! We will be posting more official details and rules in the future.

We will be broadcasting the event on:



Are you interested in attending or participating in USPF 2018? Please feel free to sign up so that we can better plan our event schedule for the day of the tournament. If you do not already have a piugame account, please make one so that you can enter the tournament.


12 PM – Start of Female Speed Division
3 PM – Start of Freestyle Division
5:30 – Start of Male Speed Division

NOTE – during downtime in freestyle and female speed divisions, we will be allowing male speed qualifiers due to the sheer amount of entrants. Whenever possible, we will announce when qualifiers can be done.

=======TOURNAMENT RULES=======

Official USPF rules can be read here:

The following are important general rules from the document

<Qualifications for Participation>
To take part in USPF 2018 a player must:
1. Be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the USA
2. Pay the venue fee
3. Follow the rules

<Additional Rules>
1. Playing with socks only or playing barefoot is not permitted at Round 1. All competitors must wear shoes.
2. Please do not do anything to cause damage to the machine.
3. Competitors may only enter into one category.
4. Competitors may not drink alcohol during the tournament according to venue rules.
5. Please do not commits act of political, regional, national, individual, and racial discrimination.

All Prime 1 and Prime 2 New Tunes up to the 2.02 update.

All Prime 1 and Prime 2 New Tunes (usable in both rounds of Freestyle division)

All Prime 1 and Prime 2 New Tunes up to the 2.02 update.