[Live Podcast] The Arrow Panel – Episode 3: DDR Over The “Years”

Our friends over at the SF EVOLVED community, James Magahern (@buzzert), Roger Clark (@rogerclark), and Jeff Lloyd (@fungah_) have started a DDR talk show live stream to discuss all things DDR, dance games, what’s going on in the scene today, and a bit of Q&A! The third episode takes us back to the good ol’ days of early DDR and how the game and the scene has changed so much over the years.

  • Aaron Tokunaga-Chmielowiec

    Hi, guys.

    That comment around the 1h4m mark got to me so I watched it and had to clear something up. It’s about the lights in the stage panels on the white cabs. I think I was misquoted there. After the Mar 11th quake, it was the light towers from the x-cabs the arcades were dumping en masse, but Konami was reducing the power requirement footprints any way they could with the white cabs (and other Bemani and arcade games) anyway. Power consumption was considered but there were other reasons, such as questioning the necessity for them at all, cost of parts, maintenance concerns, etc.