Raj of the Garage 5

Welcome to Raj of the Garage 5!
Register: http://www.rajotg.com/

Raj of the Garage 5 is a 3 day, 24 hour, gaming event. It will feature over 100 free to play arcade machines, a casual fighting game area, and 18 tournaments ranging from rhythm games, to fighting games, to racing games, and more. Whether your interest is in casual gaming or tournaments, Raj is the event for you!

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The Beast In The East 3

BITE 3 is back for another wild year! Stay tuned for more game and tournament announcements. The Beast in the East 3 October 12th-14th Facebook Event Page Preregistration Page Official Tournament Games (Coming Soon) Arcade Game List: Pump it Up Dance Dance Revolution Initial D Read More …

[Podcast] TAP #27: Audience Questions Megamix Vol. 2

Roger and Dalton are joined this week by @zanneth and @yaygabbyjay as we dig deep into our mailbag to answer more audience questions covering a wide variety of topics including bad habits, bracketing, our favorite “wonky” songs, warming up routines, and varying your playing locations. #TAPSetOfTheWeek: – Read More …

Champions of the Coast 2018 Results

Champions of the Coast 2018 Rankings DanceDanceRevolution iamchris4life Little Matt Ninevolt StepManiaX Little Matt Pacrob Spencer In The Groove 2 Little Matt Jeff Sledge iamchris4life Liam Pump It Up PRIME 2 HDS Little Matt Pacrob Kasey beatmania IIDX Alex Kim Pal Donovan pop’n music Liam Read More …

WARS: Dance Dance Revolution 20th Anniversary unofficial JAPAN SINGLE SCORE TOURNAMENT






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Champions of the Coast 2018

8 on the Break’s annual music game tournaments hosted by Shoreline is back for another year!!  Gamelist includes: Dance Dance Revolution Singles Dance Dance Revolution Doubles Beatmania IIDX  DJMax Respect In The Groove Customs Groove Coaster Drummania Pump it Up Pump it Up Couples Pop’n Read More …