Royal Arcade Jam 2020 (RAJ 2020)

Welcome to RAJ 2020! FB Group: Discord: RAJ 2020 is a 3 day, 24 hour, gaming event. It will feature over 100 free to play arcade machines, a casual fighting game area, and 20+ tournaments. Whether your interest is in casual gaming or tournaments, RAJ is the

Fresno Frenzy 3 Results Upper Top 8 qualifying seeds all faced off in a full round-robin style bracket. Sappy Jafar Ty NOBARBEN kay0ss TOXICFUZ Roscoe LUVBUN Middle Desklamp BIGC BIG MOOD Lower CUSTOM Quhzk Hamlet Freestyle 001 Megumin Bran Man 9VOLT

NCWO Presents: Double Strikes – PIU XX Tournament Results Pump It Up XX Upper Division FEFEMZ kanata JQTRAN Chaddly Upper Division Results Pump it Up @ Strikes 1st @Fefemz1 showed clearly why he is the best in the world at Pump2nd @Kanata_Sirahime is a beast in general!3rd @_jqtran Im so happy our favorite local boy improved his