KAC rules this year kind of blow, but players from all around the globe have already secured travel plans to go to Japan and KAC anyways just to cheer on our friends and have a blast. So I figured hey, if we’ve got all the best players in the world in the same city for a weekend, why not hold a REAL tournament?

With that, I present to you EXTRA EXCLUSIVE. On Sunday, the day after KAC, we will be holding a 32-man double elimination tournament at Eternal Tower in Akihabara (formerly known as Tri-Tower). We will be renting the 8th floor of the building where we will have an entire floor dedicated to DDR A cabs to run and stream the tournament.

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The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship

https://p.eagate.573.jp/game/kac/kac7th/ 「KONAMI Arcade Championship(KAC)」とは、アーケードゲームプレーヤーの頂点を決める、KONAMIのeスポーツ公式大会です。 オンライン予選を勝ち抜いたトッププレーヤー達が集結し、決勝ラウンドを戦います! アーケードゲームを愛する、すべてのプレーヤーへ捧ぐ「The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship」にご期待ください!

UPS Tournament 3

University Park Stepmania Tournament 3!

Pre-Registration is OPEN.

U.P.S. 3 is an ITG Tournament, sort of
It’s more like a casual SM5 Tournament and dance game social event. 

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East Coast Stamina 6 Results

East Coast Stamina 6 FINAL RESULTS (http://groovestats.com/ECS6/index.php?page=tourneyranking) OVERALL 1st: JDongs 2nd: lil_beastling 3rd: 2PercentMilk 4th: Rawinput 5th: Dingoshi 6th: hippaheikki 7th: Archi 8th: PkRynker Timed Set (https://docs.google.com/…/1vBLBWva68BI1eQ2CCSdeYG5AGr…/edit…) 1st: JDongs 2nd: Rawinput 3rd: Archi 4th: 2PercentMilk 5th: Dingoshi 6th: hippaheikki 7th: PkRynker 8th: Captain Black Marathon: Read More …

Rumble In The Prairie 9.5

Hello everyone, and welcome to the event page for Rumble In The Prairie 9.5, DDRIllini’s Fall 2017 Dance Game Tournament! The date for RIP9.5 is finalized, so mark your calendars for the Nov. 17th weekend. As per last tournament, there will be a venue fee for non UIUC affilliates, which will probably be $5. Online preregistration will also be a thing, and will go live sometime in the near future. 

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East Coast Stamina 6

East Coast Stamina (ECS) is a high level competition centered around a selection of the most difficult custom content available for In The Groove, a four-panel dance simulation game along the lines of Dance Dance Revolution. It has been an annual tournament since September 2011, eventually becoming a biannual event starting with ECS2.5.

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DDR Autumn Tournament at San Jose Round 1

Dance Dance Revolution [A]utumn 2017 Tournament Singles, All Player — Top 32 Double Elimination Tournament Tournament Date & Time: Saturday, November 11, 1pm – 9pm On-Site Registration & Qualifiers: Friday, November 10, 6pm – 11pm Saturday, November 11, 10am – 1pm Location: Round 1 — Read More …


BEMANI MASTER KOREA 2017 BMK2017 is a Korea-only multi-game competition in the style of KAC (KONAMI Arcade Championship). Many qualified players compete against each other in each participating game in order to determine the BMK2017 Overall Champion. First place prize won a total of 5,000,000 Read More …