NCWO Presents: Double Strikes – PIU XX Tournament Results Pump It Up XX Upper Division FEFEMZ kanata JQTRAN Chaddly Upper Division Results Pump it Up @ Strikes 1st @Fefemz1 showed clearly why he is the best in the world at Pump2nd @Kanata_Sirahime is a beast in general!3rd @_jqtran Im so happy our favorite local boy improved his

Show Me Your Moves: Atlanta’s DDR Open Invitational Results DanceDanceRevolution A LEON T. SWAG HINTZ! KEVINSAN 1st Place at Show Me Your Moves!!! Wow, incredibly happy with this tournament. Hard work boys off. Shoutouts to everyone that came. Competition insane. Lost only one song out of the entire tournament. — Leon Brunson (@leoncbrunson) March 3, 2019 Nearly 50

Silver City Summit Results DanceDanceRevolution A Congratulations to @itgalex for taking 1st place in DDR A @ Silver City Summit! — DDRCommunity (@DDR_Community) February 24, 2019 ITGAlex PacRob Jeff Sledge DWAYNE!! Highlights Grand Finals Pump It Up PRIME 2 LoveLive Cory Campion Jeff Sledge PacRob SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN HEDONIC ITGALEX

Desert Journey: A Dance Dance Revolution Ace Tournament Results DDR A Christopher Godai Reswob Caleb (CjCoachzx) 5. Denn 5. Jay (Pink Dino) 7. Jeffrey (SE7ENJK) 7. Julian (maxninja) 9. Albert! 9. Allen915 9. Matt (Otter) 9. Steven (SVEN) 13. Red Hot Fire (Midnight Bumble Gay) Livestream VODs

Spectrum Series IV Results DanceDanceRevolution A Upper Division Congratulations to the winners of Spectrum Series IV, California's latest DanceDanceRevolution tournament! 1st Place – @fungah_2nd – @RunDaltonRun3rd – @bromid4th – @SappySapSap Thanks to @DaveAndBusters Irvine for hosting, and thank you for playing! — SF EVOLVED Dance Gaming (@SF_EVOLVED) October 28, 2018 Got 2nd place