Valkyrie Dimension – GIRLS’ DDR A REMOTE TOURNAMENT Fall 2018 RESULTS VALKYRIE DIMENSION FALL 2018 WINNERS! Total participants this time was 73! Thank you to everyone that entered! KIND LADIES:1st: MYST2nd: SLIPPY3rd: SAYORI (TIE)3rd: PSYCOFIZ (TIE) PARANOIA LADIES:1st: MALIA2nd: ZAELYX3rd: HIME LADYMION:1st: CAFFWIN2nd: 4173rd: LOLIPO — Valkyrie Dimension (@ValkyrieDDR) October 22, 2018 KIND LADIES 1st: MYST 2nd: SLIPPY 3rd: SAYORI

Mistake on the Lake Results Mistake on the Lake Results1. @mattmagdon2. @itsDVogan3. @Happyowski4. @bevinkoddy#DDRA — DDRCommunity (@DDR_Community) October 21, 2018 DanceDanceRevolution A Upper MMAGDON DVOGAN CHUNKA MEGAMANX 5. HINTZ! 5. VIVALAMOO 7. JBOY 7. MADSEN 9. Kevin Yang 9. PACROB 9. SKEETER 9. TWANS 13. BULLDOZA 13. CORY 13. KALEK 13. MLGESUS 17.

RhythmCore Pump It Up Tournament Results Results Freestyle Chelly & Paranoia Boi Phil Critical Fantasy Lower Tier Technical Division Chelly Sugarush Goku Requiem Higher Tier Technical Division HDSPIU Krispy Paranoia Boi Videos RhythmCore VODs on Twitch

USPF 2018: United States Pump Festival 2018 Results Results Male Speed happyf333tz (Seth Sanchez) Chaddly ZELLLOOO Jboy I WON UNITED STATES PUMP FESTIVAL!!!!! — happyf333tz (@happyf333tz) April 29, 2018 Female Speed Kaitlyn Phan Nayla Arshad Tania Shanklin Freestyle #USPF2018 freestyle results! 1st place: @DaKree 2nd place: AJ from Minnesota3rd place: @jamenhd — Freestyle Takeover (@FSTakeover) April

EXTRA EXCLUSIVE ~WORLD DDR TOURNAMENT~ Results View the full bracket for EXTRA EXCLUSIVE here. Top 4 of the 32-man double-elimination bracket entered a round robin best of 5 round. #ExtraExclusive2018 ANNOUNCEMENT FOR TOP 4 — Leon Brunson (@leoncbrunson) February 11, 2018 本当に楽しかった!!! Congratulations @CHRS4LFE !!! Thank you, @hudsonfelker !!!#extraexclusive2018 — ぎんやすGINXYASU (@GINXYASU) February