[Podcast] The Freestyle Takeover Podcast: Episode 5 (live from MAGWest!)

It’s DDR Freestyle 101 at MAGWest as we cover the history of Dance Dance Revolution freestyle with special guest James Szeto/001! We take a look at freestyle’s roots in Japan and Korea, its explosion in Northern California and its evolution and rebirth through the years. Read More …

Freestyle Takeover: Cyber Cypher #1

We’re excited to announce Cyber Cypher #1, an online DDR freestyle tournament! We wanted to reach out to freestylers outside of California and a remote event sounded like the perfect way to showcase talent from all across the world.

To enter, choose from one of the following three songs and record a performance to it between now and May 5th:

• Dance Celebration (DDR X)
• Hands Up In The Air (DDR A)
• Try 2 Luv U (SuperNOVA)

Read More …