NCWO Presents: Double Strikes – PIU XX Tournament Results Pump It Up XX Upper Division FEFEMZ kanata JQTRAN Chaddly Upper Division Results Pump it Up @ Strikes 1st @Fefemz1 showed clearly why he is the best in the world at Pump2nd @Kanata_Sirahime is a beast in general!3rd @_jqtran Im so happy our favorite local boy improved his

Champions of the Coast 2018 Results Rankings DanceDanceRevolution iamchris4life Little Matt Ninevolt StepManiaX Little Matt Pacrob Spencer In The Groove 2 Little Matt Jeff Sledge iamchris4life Liam Pump It Up PRIME 2 HDS Little Matt Pacrob Kasey beatmania IIDX Alex Kim Pal Donovan pop’n music Liam Wanderingbeats Dennis Pal DrumMania Wanderingbeats Little Matt Pal Ian

RhythmCore Pump It Up Tournament Results Results Freestyle Chelly & Paranoia Boi Phil Critical Fantasy Lower Tier Technical Division Chelly Sugarush Goku Requiem Higher Tier Technical Division HDSPIU Krispy Paranoia Boi Videos RhythmCore VODs on Twitch

USPF 2018: United States Pump Festival 2018 Results Results Male Speed happyf333tz (Seth Sanchez) Chaddly ZELLLOOO Jboy I WON UNITED STATES PUMP FESTIVAL!!!!! — happyf333tz (@happyf333tz) April 29, 2018 Female Speed Kaitlyn Phan Nayla Arshad Tania Shanklin Freestyle #USPF2018 freestyle results! 1st place: @DaKree 2nd place: AJ from Minnesota3rd place: @jamenhd — Freestyle Takeover (@FSTakeover) April

Hustle Beach 2018 Results DanceDanceRevolution 2014 Kevbo Jalo coconutbowling karl_sharks Pump It Up PRIME 2 Matt Miller Dread Randall Bush Brandon Vergara jubeat Darius Yong Do Michelle Wehinger Nick Harper “Best of COOL DANCERS” Brandon Randall Matt Dyle Kobay “HUSTLE BEACH” Top 4