Snow Prism 2019

SOLSTICE ARENA WELCOMES YOU TO SNOW PRISM 2019 A Remote Semi-Seasonal Event for Singles AND Doubles Players!   After the success of our first event, Special Summer Campaign, there was so much anticipation to bring some type of sequel that waiting until next summer would just be far too long

Queens of the Quad 2019

This is a 6-week remote event intended to challenge girls to improve their timing in ITG. The event actually runs from Monday, September 23, 12:00am – Sunday, November 3, 11:59pm. Go girls! 😀 EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW HERE: SCORE SUBMISSION FORM: SCORE SPREADSHEET/RANKINGS:

Valkyrie Unity

Valkyrie Unity starts now! Here are the songs for the 3 skill divisions!Boss rush is optional, but earns you a rainbow pin if you can pass them all!See for the full rules!Join our discord: — Valkyrie Dimension (@ValkyrieDDR) April 12, 2019 Valkyrie Unity will start April 12th.


SPECIAL SUMMER CAMPAIGN!!! A Remote DDR Tournament Series   EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SPECIAL SUMMER CAMPAIGN ——————————- Special Summer Campaign (SSC) is a remote divisional DanceDanceRevolution tournament series for all players of all skill levels to participate in. It’s intended as a tournament to be run during the