Rumble In The Prairie 11.5

DDRillini is getting ready for Rumble In The Prairie 11.5! The event will run from Friday, November 22 to Sunday, November 24. SIGN-UPS: SCHEDULE: WEBSITE: RIP 11.5 will feature: ITG Singles ITG Doubles ITG Couples ITG Mods SRT And more… We look forward to seeing you at

Rumble In The Prairie 10 Results In The Groove: Upper Ryan Konkul (Rynker) Alex Scepansky (ITGAlex) Richard Dannenberg (Captain Black) Dyle Kobay (RiOdO) Jim Nero (Aoreo) Stephen Strasser (SteveReen) C Oliver Wing (Telperion) Brandon Sudzius (Sudzi) Matt LaGreca (Yung Bitcoin) Anthony Blackman (Boxx) Alessandro Tenorio-Bucci (ATB) Eric Bruning (LOAK) Ekaterina Ageeva (Sereni) Cory Rusek (ummmmm)