Raj of the Garage 5

Welcome to Raj of the Garage 5!
Register: http://www.rajotg.com/

Raj of the Garage 5 is a 3 day, 24 hour, gaming event. It will feature over 100 free to play arcade machines, a casual fighting game area, and 18 tournaments ranging from rhythm games, to fighting games, to racing games, and more. Whether your interest is in casual gaming or tournaments, Raj is the event for you!

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Midwest Coast Stamina FA 3

This will be the third iteration of the Midwest Coast Stamina FA tournaments hosted by Ryan. Ryan and I (Kyle) will both be running this collaboratively, and for conveniences of many potential entrants, it will be hosted instead more toward the east coast this time at my own home.

There will be over $1000 in cash prizes given to the top 4 winners.

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한국에서 처음 열리는 DDR A SINGLE CHALLENGE, GO 4 THE TOP  장소 및 시간, 대회 방식과 룰, 그리고 일정까지! 대회와 관련된 정보들을 공개합니다! 주단위로 차근차근 자세한 정보를 개재할 예정이니 관심 부탁드립니다. 1. 장소 및 시간 a. 대회장소 : 수원 성균관대 게임은 동전으로  (공식 트위터 : https://twitter.com/skkugamecoin , @skkugamecoin ) b. 대회 Read More …

East Coast FA 5

This is the fifth installment of Kyle Dobay’s (RiODo) private ITG tournament that is focused on timing, more specifically technical and FA+. This event will include a Hard FA, an FA+, and a H.S. (Harder stuff) division. There will be trophy and CASH prize incentives for top placements!

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RhythmCore Pump It Up Tournament

Come join us for an exciting Pump it Up festival here on Long Island at Round 1 Broadway Mall! We will have two speed divisions, Fantasy (S6-12) and Requiem (S13-26) with doubles in the final rounds. In addition to this, we are pleased to bring you a Freestyle competition, so come down and bring your best dance!

This will be a very special event, as it will be the first rhythm game tournament held at Round 1 Broadway Mall. No matter your style of play and level of skill, we welcome you all to come participate, make friends and push yourself to become an even greater player!

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CEO featuring Storm 2018

These three Official Tournaments will be added to www.smash.gg/ceo2018 registration. Information on signing up, travel and lodging for CEO 2018 can be found on www.ceogaming.org/ceo. DDR Storm will take place inside of the 95,000 Sq ft CEO 2018 Tournament Hall. For more details on how to purchase tickets to the event, please visit www.ceogaming.org/ceoregistration.

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Allez Les Filles ! – 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2018 installment of Allez Les Filles !

This tournament is held at Celine’s house and has the vocation of being an international, girls-only tournament, ran by Celine Blanc, Tuhka Kat, Elo, Okami and yours truely. It will last 3 days (that Monday is a day-off in France)

The tournament will follow the OG Girlspocalypse rules with some tweaks to it which is basically 3 categories, Stamina, Speed and Timing, two 1 (one) hour sessions to get the maximum of points you can in the different categories.

Difficulties will probably range from 9 to 17 (might be tweaked if we happen to have people from the US playing above this level), so everyone is welcomed to participate.

Specific rules will soon be updated but remember, this is not GP, and nor is it the female Eurocup, it’s an event meant to gather female players from France and all of Europe together to have some great fun !

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USPF 2018: United States Pump Festival 2018

Location: Round 1, Eastridge Mall, 2200 Eastridge Loop #2094, San Jose, CA 95122 Time: April 28, 2018, 12-7 PM Entry/Venue Fee: $10 to participate (tentative, pending on if we can find support to subsidize this fee), free to watch I am pleased to formally announce Read More …