East Coast Stamina 6

East Coast Stamina (ECS) is a high level competition centered around a selection of the most difficult custom content available for In The Groove, a four-panel dance simulation game along the lines of Dance Dance Revolution. It has been an annual tournament since September 2011, eventually becoming a biannual event starting with ECS2.5.

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DDR Autumn Tournament at San Jose Round 1

Dance Dance Revolution [A]utumn 2017 Tournament Singles, All Player — Top 32 Double Elimination Tournament Tournament Date & Time: Saturday, November 11, 1pm – 9pm On-Site Registration & Qualifiers: Friday, November 10, 6pm – 11pm Saturday, November 11, 10am – 1pm Location: Round 1 — Read More …

DDR A Tournament at Dave & Buster’s (Galleria)

DDR A tournament @ Dave n Buster’s (Galleria)

$8 ($5 to prize pool and $3 for venue fees)

Prize payout will be 60-30-10; 1st 2nd and 3rd place perspectively

Planned Schedule: 

Wednesday – 4 PM – 11:30 PM 
4:00pm – Registration + qualifiers
6:00pm – Registration cutoff 
6:30 pm – Tournament start 

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대한민국 최고의 BEMANI MASTER는 과연 누구인가? BEMANI MASTER KOREA 2017은 대한민국 최고의 BEMANI Master를 선발하는 대회입니다. 이번 대회에는 BMK 역사상 가장 큰 규모의 대회로 진행됩니다. 단 한번의 신청으로 10개의 기종 전부 참가가 가능!  참가 신청을 하신 후 예선 기간 동안 BEMANI 시리즈가 설치된 게임장에 가서 Read More …

Champions of the Coast 2017

8 on the Break’s annual music game event is back hosted by Shoreline Crew and The Break.  Gamelist (Confirmed): Dance Dance Revolution 2014 Singles Dance Dance Revolution 2014 Doubles Beatmania IIDX Copula Drummania V8 Groove Coaster 3EX Initial D 7 In The Groove Jubeat Qubell Read More …

UK Sight Reading Tournament #9

UK Sightreading Tournament 9; 𝚡:\𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚝_𝚜𝚎𝚚𝚞𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎

The UK’s 9th main-series sight reading tournament takes place on August the 12th, 2017! It’s going to be the biggest and most ridiculous UKSRT to date!

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Girlpocalypse 2017

Structure 12 girls will be competing in this event. Each player will have two 60 minute sessions play whatever she wants and accumulate points towards specific targets. There are 24 slots throughout the weekend. There are three targets that a player can accumulate points towards – SPEED, STAMINA, and TIMING. Read More …

DDR A Tournament at Dave & Buster’s Irvine

Dave & Buster’s Irvine, CA is honored to announce its 2nd Dance Dance Revolution tournament!!  Join us for some fun and show your support for our fellow DDR competitors.  What better way to celebrate the end of the summer with some friendly competition among the Read More …

In The Groove World Cup 2017 Results

In The Groove World Cup 2017 Precision hippaheikki _69 Ambrose Juha Bond Sereni Urza ZoG- Rems Shpadoinkle Pinguu Okami Tuuc Ksik Silke Foppish Blackrainer Renbrandt Kyy Nile Chikasole Snowball Ninyiuk Kits N!VVAN Lunaa’z Doubles hippaheikki _69 Sereni Tuuc ZoG- Gemi Urza Okami Renbrandt Shpadoinkle Juha Read More …