“Dancing Stage featuring Disney’s RAVE” Hidden MANIAC Mode Discovered 20 Years After Its Release

A person posting to the Twitter account @_987123879113 discovered through MAME a way to unlock MANIAC mode in Dancing Stage featuring Disney’s RAVE arcade version, something that was previously thought to have not existed in this version of the game and in the Japanese PlayStation console release of “DanceDanceRevolution Disney’s

[DDR A20 PLUS] FANTASY – Course Trial 8

【第8回コーストライアル】4月8日(木)10:00から4月28日(水)15:00(JST)まで、第8回コーストライアルを開催いたします!課題コースに挑戦して新規楽曲を解禁しよう!#DDRA20PLUShttps://t.co/b1ZzYYxgPI pic.twitter.com/xiLC2O1Wfp — DDRチーム【公式】 (@DDR_573) April 6, 2021 DDR A20 PLUS Course Trial 8 “FANTASY” is available to play and is ranked through April 8, 2021 and April 28, 2021. Completing the course will unlock 「彼方のリフレシア / DJ TOTTO feat.Annabel & 日山尚」.