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Aug 03 2018 - Aug 05 2018


4:00 am - 6:00 pm

East Coast FA 5

This is the fifth installment of my private ITG tournament that is focused on timing, more specifically technical and FA+.
This event will include a Hard FA, an FA+, and a H.S. (Harder stuff) division. There will be trophy and CASH prize incentives for top placements!

Full pack/contents:

Hard FA:





August 3rd, 2018 to August 5th, 2018


1792 Renee Drive
South Park, PA 15129

Tentative Schedule


4:00 PM: Begin matches for round 1 Hard FA
8:00 or 9:00 PM: FA+ sets
12:00 AM: End for the day


10:00 AM: Continue the Hard FA tournament
3:00 PM: Begin outdoor activities (slip n slide, water balloon fights, other games)
5:00 PM: End Hard FA swiss/Dinner
6:00 PM: Group picture
6:30 PM: Start FA+ sets
9:00 PM: H. S. Team Battle
12:30 AM: End for the day


10:00 AM: Continue HS if needed/Continue FA+ sets
4:00 PM: End tournament
5:00 PM: Rewards for top 5 ECFA and Winning Team for HS


Qualifying for the Event

Qualifying for ECFA 5 is over as of June 15th. Please use the link above for qualifying ranks.

Those who are in the Top 16 are invited to the event to participate, however, due to possible drop outs, up to rank 24 will have access to the event page in case we need back up players.

Swiss Format Songlist

Each tournament for ITG will have it’s own song pack with completely different songs from one another (no songs will be in both events).
For Hard FA, you will find familiar charts from ECFA 4 and ECFA 2018 upper and lower
For FA+, there will be 5 songs of difficulties 9 to 12, and you choose one from each difficulty to play for the event.
For H.S., the pack will have songs ranging from years ago to very recent, and will be the most difficult content.


ECFA Hard FA – Swiss

10s (Total: 15)

A Friend Like Me
Coffee Break
I Hold Still (No CMOD)
Juicy Wiggle
Jungle Temple (No CMOD)
Pop It (No CMOD)
Super Game
The Upside Down
Ultimate Battle
Unkown Civilization
Wave (No CMOD)

11s (Total: 21)

Chicken Head
Dog Days
Fake Style
Fat Controller
High Color Love Story
Level One Four Mashup
Marble Soda (No CMOD)
Men Tan Pin Dora Dora
Meteorize (No CMOD)
Metro Night
Rocket Lanterns
Static State (No CMOD)
This Will Be the Day
Une Bande De Mecs Sympas

12s (Total: 15)

Bomb-Sniffing Pomeranian
Capitalism Cannon (No CMOD)
Danger Drug
Debug Dance
Juggler’s Madness
Not That Bad (No CMOD)
Technical Master

Total Songs: 51

FA+ Set Songlist

Options for 9s

Peaceful Planet Party
Pink Rose

Options for 10s

Konoyo Landing
Make Eggs, Eat Eggs
Naruto Main Theme
One & Only

Options for 11s

Dorito Dust
Giant Otter Family
Midnight Lady

Options for 12s
Heard Right
Quick Attack
Starlight Dancehall

H.S. 2 Songlist


Abaddon (No CMOD)
D Rose
Deconstruction Star LiLAc Remix (No CMOD)
Dogdance (No CMOD)
Doughnut Planet
Drive Hard
Fantastic World
Frozen Fire (No CMOD)
Gangnam Style (No CMOD)
Get Off of My Way
Infinity Overdrive (No CMOD)
Jurrasic Boost
Mappy Mappy (No CMOD)
Phantomystic (No CMOD)
Robot Language
route 80s
Saynora Heaven camelias Nekomata Remix
Super Star
The Lone Slim Shady


Airtraveler Edit
Avalon No Oka Edit
Battle of the Mind
Bitch Clap
Bubble Bath Aftermath
Coke Factory
Daddy Mulk
El venenciador
Look Out She’s America
Mess Edit
Own Little World (No CMOD)
Rock the Club
Spring Sun
The Woven Web
Toy Soldiers
Violet Rose


Bass Drop
Central Utopia (No CMOD)
Dr. Fetus’ Castle
Electric Blue 404
gigadelic Camelias The Tera Remix
Halloween Speedy Mix
Laser Cruster
Lunatic Rough Party (No CMOD)
Tenkuu no hana (No CMOD)
Vertex ^2 (No CMOD)
Z Reboot (No CMOD)


#fairyjoke (“14”)
Berserkerz Warefare 345
DEAD END (Groove Radar Special)
Double Helix
ENDYMION vocal mix
Lenguas Enredadas
Mirage Garden
Valkyrie Dimension
X-Treme 6


Imma Turn it up

Tournament Format

Hard FA Swiss

– The event will be 1v1 using the Swiss format
– It will be on normal ITG window sizes with altered judgement weights (listed below) using the Simply Arrows/Love theme (included with download)
– Swiss format; in this format, there will be 4 (possibly 5 depending on time) rounds where all players will compete against another player of the same win/loss ratio
– During later rounds, players will never play the same person twice.
– For example, after the first round, everyone will be either 1 – 0 or 0 – 1.
– For the second round, the 0 – 1s will be assigned to play one another, while the 1 – 0s
will be assigned to play one another as well, all based on seeding.
– The same thing will happen for future rounds, being that people play each other with the same wins/losses.
– This format allows for players to never be eliminated, have the same amount of playing opportunity as everyone else, and never be stuck playing the same person twice.
– The higher seed will get choice of song protection, song veto, or side (more specifics below)
– The higher seed will choose first, then the lower seed will choose one of the remaining two options, and the third will fall back on the higher seed
– Seeding is determined by your cumulative rank on the Hard FA courses (not including the FA+ courses)
– Song selection (vetoing and protection phase) will be based on card draw. 5 Cards will be drawn, 2 will be protected first (determined by who decides order), and 2 will be
eliminated (also determined by who decides order, one by each player, exactly like how storm and other big events are set up)
– The 5 songs will then be played in the order they are drawn, best 2 out of 3 to decide winner.
– I will allow 2 warm up songs (1 song chosen by each player) before each round starts (nothing that exceeds 2 and a half minutes).
– No mines is not permitted
– Decents and way offs will be disabled
– Hide background and mirror are permitted
– The packs consists of 10s to 12s, all focusing on very specific FA skills from all categories.
– There will be a select few no CMOD songs that will be noted accordingly in the subtitles and song list.

Grade Weights

Fantastic: 3
Excellent: 2
Great: 1
Miss: 0
Mines: -1
Rolls: -1
Freezes: -1

FA+ Set

– As usual, FA+ will have a different approach than it did in the previous installments.
– This time, entrants will have the opportunity which songs they’d like to play from the 4 difficulties (9, 10, 11, 12) out of the pack
– Players must choose one 9, 10, 11, and 12 prior to the event to play and get blue fantastic percentage tallied for
– Each difficulty will have five different charts to choose from, all with various BPMs and skill set differentials.
– Before the event starts, you must choose one song from each difficulty to play and you must choose a partner to play with. You both must agree on the four songs you wish to play. This is for time saving purposes
– The higher FA+ seed groups will get to choose first which day they’d like to play their set (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)
– Each group will be allotted 2 replays they can either use by themselves after their set of 4 songs or with their partner if they wish.
– These 2 replays can be used in the following ways:
Replay 1 or 2 of the chosen songs
Play a different song or songs out of the remaining choices in the pack
– I will always take your best score, so even if you do worse on a replay, I will take the better score
– We are only tracking blue percentage; this means mines can be turned off as well as greats, decents, and way offs.
– Your primary focus is the blue fantastic window; it’s your job to pick your best strength out of the availabile songs and skill sets and prepare accordingly before the event.
– Please make sure you coordinate either in this event page or privately to find a partner to play your set with.
– If anyone wants to come in early Friday or Thursday night, I will allow you to play a solo set.

Grade Weights

Blue fantastic % out of the total steps only

H.S Team Battle

– This is the second edition of the side event for ECFA, H.S.2.
– This time, it will be a team based competition
– There will be two teams for this event, and they will be chosen by the team captains who are first and second seed.
– Your team captains for H.S.2 are Ryan Konkul and Alex Scepansky
– Team captains will take turns picking teammates in an ABBAABBA order. Team A will be first seed (Ryan)
– Team drafting and names will begin July 1st 2018
– Captains are only allowed to choose players within the top 16 or those who plan on being at and attending ECFA 5. This is why we will start the draft on July 1st; final committed top 16 should be completed by then.
– After the two teams of 5 have been created, the captains will then alternate picking songs from the HS pack (starting with Alex for first pick)
– The songs chosen will then be assigned to one of their teammates by the team captain. The opposing team will not know who is being assigned which song that is picked.
– Each team will choose 5 songs (one for each member of their team), and they will be different than the ones chosen from the opposing team (you cannot pick the same song the opposing team already chose)
– After both teams have picked their 5 unique songs and have privately assigned them to their teammates (this should obviously be done with strategy and conversing with your team before choosing), the captains will then assign the songs the opposing teams picked to their teammates.
– The exception is that the team captains must play each other’s songs they assigned to themselves; in other words, Ryan will play his pick plus Alex’s pick, and Alex will play Ryan’s pick and his own.
– Team members will be playing a song that’s been assigned to them from their team captain via discussion and strategics, and they will also play a song chosen from the opposing team assigned to them from the captain
– After both teams have their 2 songs decided (which, again, is private information that will be shared only with a non-HS player such as Henry), we will draw 5 random songs from the pack that were not selected
– These 5 songs will again be assigned to the team by the captain so everyone must play 3 songs total.
– Tldr; if you are a team member, you will be playing:
Your teams pick that is assigned to you( exception for team captains must play each other’s picks)
Opposing teams pick that is assigned to you (exception for team captains must play each other’s picks)
Random song drawn that is assigned to you
– We will only play not play the third songs if the one team is already winning at least 8-2 by that time.
– Every teammate will get 2 warm up songs before playing
– The grade weights are listed below, but all that matters is getting a win or loss over the other team playing the same song as you.
– Grade weights are:
Total fantastics; every 2 misses, mines, dropped holds, or dropped rolls will deduct 1 fantastic
– This will not necessarily be 1v1, but rather a gauntlet competition with you just need a better score than your opponent, as it will not be cumulative DP
– If you have any questions in regards to this format, please message me and let me know, because it’s hard to explain in just this description


– The pack and all necessary contents will be hosted from my Google Drive account. This file will include all songs and marathons for Hard FA, FA+, H.S., and the themes used for both tournaments, and the qualifiers (in case anyone would still like those)
– I will also have separate links for the packs individually
– For Hard FA, your opponents strength if your number one tie breaker, followed by total song wins
– For FA+, the winners are decided by the best cumulative rank for blue % across all 4 difficulties
– Top 5 for ECFA will be decided by your combined rank of Hard FA and FA+, and HS will have it’s own separate ranking


– This will be at my house, address listed at the top
– Tentatively, I have a 20 dollar entry like before to help pay for the housing utilities, food and drinks I’ll have for the event, equipment
for the event (streaming stuff I may have to acquire, outdoor stuff, etc.), and the trophies and other prizes (CASH PRIZES)
– Any other donations would be greatly appreciated but not required
– The house will also have access to a Pop ‘n Usaneko, Reflec Beat Reflasia, ASC for other Bemani Games, and Pump it up for warm ups
– Please use street parking and not other peoples drive ways; my drive way should have space for 4 cars total
– A rule that I can’t stress enough; due to space issues, please leave unused items and shoes in the basement near the bar area (leave room for the cats to walk!) There is always too little space for everyone, so we need to conserve as much as possible. Please leave your belongings in the basement area. and showering supplies in the downstairs bathroom storage areas
– Sleeping arrangements: I will be allowing up to 20 people stay here (subject to change), with there also being available space at other locals homes possibly. I will have a few couches to sleep on, spare bed, an air mattress, a futon, and an entire patio room to use.


– Anyone who I invited and is in the top 16 list is welcome to come and enter.
– Spectators and those who are not entering: priority goes to people who have attended previous events and/or would be good substitutions for entering in case of emergencies. You were already invited to the event page, and I can add more if more people decide they can’t come.
– If you haven’t been to one and not in top 16 or you have been but are not now and want to come, please contact me and we will talk about you being here.


– Shirt orders begin whenever you can let me know. I will order them myself and sell them to you at the event. You must tell me a size(s) you intend to purchase in advance.
– Shirt picture will be made available soon

Other misc. info.

– I have a decent stream set up that I will use for the event, hopefully adding better cameras soon.
– Anyone with good webcams are welcome to bring them to try to make it even better
– Outdoor activities (water balloon fights, slip n slide, games) will definitely be happening this year again! Please bring suits and whatnot as well as towels, and feel free to bring other outdoor water stuff/games for us to play
– There will be lots of table top games over the weekend, so feel free to bring your own as well!
– If you need to stay longer than the two nights, let me know and we will work something out.


Ryan Gudonis – banners and graphics. Super helpful and dilligent as always, and I appreciate it greatly

Alessandro and Mute – Syncing some songs in the pack; definitely much appreciated and it made life a lot easier on me.

BiB – Pack feedback and general feedback about the event definitely helped me out quite a bit. Thank you for the assistance as always.

Everyone who made charts for this pack – These are all amazing and you’re all awesome for doing that. Keep making more charts!

Everyone who keeps attending or participating in ECFA – You guys are all awesome people and I’m glad you’ve all stuck around.
Let’s make this the best one yet!