“Dancing Stage featuring Disney’s RAVE” Hidden MANIAC Mode Discovered 20 Years After Its Release

A person posting to the Twitter account @_987123879113 discovered through MAME a way to unlock MANIAC mode in Dancing Stage featuring Disney’s RAVE arcade version, something that was previously thought to have not existed in this version of the game and in the Japanese PlayStation console release of “DanceDanceRevolution Disney’s

LIFE4 4/28/2019 Patch LIVE!

The newest LIFE4 patch is LIVE! Featuring five new Trials and some Trial rebalancing and conveniences. Congratulations to @NebelNebs for creating the first Patreon submitted Trial, Countdown (14)!https://t.co/Jth3LvH6Fq — LIFE4 (@LIFE4DDR) April 28, 2019 LIFE4 Patch Notes (4/28/2019) Added five new Trials Mainframe (13) LEADING CYBER (ESP 13) ALGORITHM (ESP