BEMANI Crossover Event, DDR A20 20th Anniversary Ranking, ULTIMATE MOBILE, EDIT Mode, and MORE

The latest BEMANI生放送 featuring Yuki Nakashima, DOLCE., and Vtuber “Ichika” went over a bunch of new events and content coming to all BEMANI games including DDR A20. Watch the latest broadcast to see all the details unfold. The new いちかのBEMANI投票選抜戦2019 event is a BEMANI crossover event that will run from

DanceDanceRevolution A20 Gold Cabinets Coming 3/20

#DDR Golden Cabinet coming 3/20(ish) to arcades in Japan!Exclusive features:① "Legend Licenses" revived!② "Dan/Course mode!!③ "Golden League!!!Also, A20 will be playable on these dedicated cabinets -before- upgrade cabs.#DDR20th — bemanistyle (@bemanistyle) March 3, 2019 A date is finally set! A tweet by @DAI_S_KYAMA showing a flyer at Round 1

DanceDanceRevolution 20th anniversary model Revealed

【速報!】JAEPO 2019のKONAMIブースにてDanceDanceRevolution 20th anniversary model 展示決定!ぜひ会場までお越しください!#DDR — DDRチーム【公式】 (@DDR_573) January 14, 2019 At the 8th KAC West Japan Finals, KONAMI made an announcement revealing a DanceDanceRevolution 20th anniversary model arcade cabinet. This model will be fully shown at JAEPO 2019. This may confirm some of the early rumors about

DDR 20th Anniversary LINE Stickers & Partnership With Village Vanguard

【DanceDanceRevolution20周年】 「DanceDanceRevolution」のLINEスタンプがついに登場!友達と会話を盛り上げて一緒に #DDR であそぼう♪ #DDR20th — DDRチーム【公式】 (@DDR_573) November 28, 2018 For their DDR 20th Anniversary celebration, KONAMI has announced a set of DDR LINE stickers available for purchase. They feature fun and cute emotes by some of the fan favorite characters of the game. Unfortunately they are

DanceDanceRevolution A x pop’n music peace Crossover Event

【DanceDanceRevolution20周年】 #popn20周年 をむかえたpop'n music peaceとのパーティが始まる!新曲『ANNIVERSARY ∴∵∴ ←↓↑→』等、情報もりだくさん! #DDR #DDR20th #popn — DDRチーム【公式】 (@DDR_573) November 15, 2018 KONAMI is celebrating both DDR and pop’n music’s 20th anniversary with a crossover event. Both DDR and pop’n music get a brand new song named ANNIVERSARY ∴∵∴ ←↓↑→ by BEMANI Sound Team “U1