At the 8th KAC West Japan Finals, KONAMI made an announcement revealing a DanceDanceRevolution 20th anniversary model arcade cabinet. This model will be fully shown at JAEPO 2019. This may confirm some of the early rumors about a “limited edition gold cabinet.” Leaks of some of the information about the new 20th anniversary cabinet have been circulating around Twitter. A tweet made by @yunocong shows a graphic that looks like an ad previewing the product. This is a quick and rough translation for the highlighted points:

  • New 55″ display
  • New lighting system on the top unit (which is now higher than before) to make it more eye catching
  • Stage LED system (is back and better)
  • 4.1 channel sound system/speakers

Amusement websites have started displaying more information about the new anniversary cabinets. It is currently unknown whether or not the DDR 20th anniversary model will feature a new version of DDR or will be available to play at JAEPO 2019.