DanceDanceRevolution A20 Gold Cabinets Coming 3/20

#DDR Golden Cabinet coming 3/20(ish) to arcades in Japan!Exclusive features:① "Legend Licenses" revived!② "Dan/Course mode!!③ "Golden League!!!Also, A20 will be playable on these dedicated cabinets -before- upgrade cabs.#DDR20th — bemanistyle (@bemanistyle) March 3, 2019 A date is finally set! A tweet by @DAI_S_KYAMA showing a flyer at Round 1

Show Me Your Moves: Atlanta’s DDR Open Invitational Results DanceDanceRevolution A LEON T. SWAG HINTZ! KEVINSAN 1st Place at Show Me Your Moves!!! Wow, incredibly happy with this tournament. Hard work boys off. Shoutouts to everyone that came. Competition insane. Lost only one song out of the entire tournament. — Leon Brunson (@leoncbrunson) March 3, 2019 Nearly 50