DDR A20 Content Update 4/25: CARTOON HEROES, Golden League & More

KONAMI has announced a slew of new content in the upcoming 4/25 update for DDR A20 and DDR A.

First up is one of the legendary license songs, this time it’s “CARTOON HEROES (20th Anniversary Mix)” by nc ft.Jasmine And DARIO TODA. This follows after the first license remix, “HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW (20th Anniversary Mix)” also by nc. The song will appear only on DDR A20 on 4/25 @ 10:00 JST. More info here.

Next is the Golden League. This event involves players attaining ranks of Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The rank a player gets is determined by the amount of accumulated EX points gained after playing each song during the limited time period. Crossing into a certain threshold will earn the player their designated rank. The Golden League event is only on DDR A20 and will run between 4/25/2019 @ 13:00 JST to 5/8/2019 @ 18:00 JST. More info here.

Finally, the DDR A20 and DDR A will receive three Golden Week event licenses:

  • “腐れ外道とチョコレゐト” by ピノキオピー
  • タイガーランペイジ by sasakure.UK
  • ライアーダンス by DECO*27

North America is excluded from receiving these three songs. However, all versions will receive the upcoming KONAMI 50th anniversary songs. More info here.

  • 「50th Memorial Songs -二人の時 ~under the cherry blossoms~- / BEMANI Sound Team」
  • 「50th Memorial Songs -Flagship medley- / BEMANI Sound Team」
  • 「50th Memorial Songs -The BEMANI History- / BEMANI Sound Team」

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