New Decade

What better way to kick off a new decade of dance gaming excellence than with a triple-header of tournaments? On Saturday, January 18, 2020 at Round1 Eastridge Shopping Center in San Jose… Freestyle Takeover, in conjunction with Infinity Stage and Valkyrie Dimension, will usher in a New Decade! Kicking things

Infinity Stage Final Results

Infinity Stage. Seven music games. Ten tournaments. Infinite hype. Join us for the biggest music game tournament on the west coast, August 9-11, at Round1 San Jose. Learn more and register: — Infinity Stage San Jose (@InfinityStageSJ) June 21, 2019 DanceDanceRevolution A Upper 1. iamchris4life2. dimo3. Sappy4. STRETCH5.

Valkyrie Unity Results

Full Results Sheet Kind Ladies Division (lower, 22 participants) 1. NAYE2. KANGHIS3. CHROMA Paranoia Ladies (mid, 46 participants) 1. ALTEROSE2. HITSWI3. DIGI Ladymion (high, 44 participants) 1. CAFFWIN2. LOLIPO3. AMBONES We also had additional challenges this time: Kind Ladies Boss Rush (3 12’s in a single set)NAYE, KANGHIS, CHROMA, JUBI,

Valkyrie Dimension – GIRLS’ DDR A REMOTE TOURNAMENT Fall 2018 RESULTS VALKYRIE DIMENSION FALL 2018 WINNERS! Total participants this time was 73! Thank you to everyone that entered! KIND LADIES:1st: MYST2nd: SLIPPY3rd: SAYORI (TIE)3rd: PSYCOFIZ (TIE) PARANOIA LADIES:1st: MALIA2nd: ZAELYX3rd: HIME LADYMION:1st: CAFFWIN2nd: 4173rd: LOLIPO — Valkyrie Dimension (@ValkyrieDDR) October 22, 2018 KIND LADIES 1st: MYST 2nd: SLIPPY 3rd: SAYORI