Day: June 6, 2023

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[DDR A3] 12th GOLDEN LEAGUE A3 – Jungle Dance

【GOLDEN LEAGUE A3/ゴールドクラス特典発表!】『第12回GOLDEN LEAGUE A3』終了後に追加される新規ゴールドクラス特典はこちら!・「Jungle Dance / NATSUMI」7月5日(水)16:00(JST)からプレー可能になります。#DDR_A3 #黄金のDDR — DDRチーム【公式】 (@DDR_573) June 6, 2023 The 12th GOLDEN LEAGUE A3 will begin on June 8, 2023 through July 5, […]

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VALKYRIE QUEST Charity Event – Sponsored by Red Note Gaming

Valkyrie Quest is a DDR charity event benefitting The Cohen Children’s Medical Center, where the better you play, the more you raise! Event Dates:June 7 – 27 : Collecting PledgesJune 28 […]

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