Guildhouse Clash

We are back and now holding an event across two days for both Dance Dance Revolution and Stepmania! Come watch some intense tech matches in both games, play some games on arcade cabinets set to freeplay [outside of tournament play], and enjoy a freestyle exhibition by our friends from Freestyle

Last Card

Pack your bags and place your bets, because… SOCAL DDR is going to Vegas! (Just kidding…please don’t actually bet on DDR matches) And we’re hosting a DDR Tourney at Red Note Gaming! Come on by and bring a little luck! Because in a Vegas DDR tourney, It’s all in the card (draw)s! Singles

Eclipse East 2021

Arrow Eclipse presents: Eclipse East After 3 years since its inception with just a handful of members, the DMV Based Rhythm Gaming Community is ambitiously hosting it’s very first official rhythm gaming tournament in the East Coast from December 10th – December 12th, 2021. The first event will be proudly hosted