Red October 2023 – SMX Tournament

Red October returns to hunt for bigger prey in 2023.  Red Note of Las Vegas is hosting another multi-day StepManiaX competition with a guaranteed prize pool of $7,500 across three different divisions! for more info.

Eclipse 2023

Eclipse is back and ready to bring more to the table! This time, we’re adding more arcade games, more events, larger space, more operable hours, and more opportunities to have fun and win prizes. More information will be soon to come on the registration page coming soon~

NCWO Presents: Double Strikes – PIU XX Tournament Results Pump It Up XX Upper Division FEFEMZ kanata JQTRAN Chaddly Upper Division Results Pump it Up @ Strikes 1st @Fefemz1 showed clearly why he is the best in the world at Pump2nd @Kanata_Sirahime is a beast in general!3rd @_jqtran Im so happy our favorite local boy improved his

Champions of the Coast 2018 Results Rankings DanceDanceRevolution iamchris4life Little Matt Ninevolt StepManiaX Little Matt Pacrob Spencer In The Groove 2 Little Matt Jeff Sledge iamchris4life Liam Pump It Up PRIME 2 HDS Little Matt Pacrob Kasey beatmania IIDX Alex Kim Pal Donovan pop’n music Liam Wanderingbeats Dennis Pal DrumMania Wanderingbeats Little Matt Pal Ian