Nordic Cup #2 Results

Nordic Cup 2 is an In The Groove 2 tournament hosted by Tanssipelit in Helsinki, Finland on April 18-21, 2019. ITG tournament, Nordic Cup in Finland. New software allows songs to start synchronised! First time this had been used in an event @Tedward618 @Lmao_SamS @DDR_Community @AceJayDX @stuart_foy @waifumachiness @AuracleDMG @unicornrowena

East Coast FA 5 Results Hard FA  1. Ryan Konkul 2. Alex Scepansky 3. Dyle Kobay 3. Max McColly 5. Paul Happyowski FA+ 1. Ryan Konkul 2. Paul Sadowski  3. Alex Scepansky  4. Sapeer Pazstolzstki 5. Mason Hester Overall winners: 1. Ryan Konkul 2. Alex Scepansky  3. Paul Happyowski  4. Dyle Kobay 5. Max McColly   HS2 Dung Busters Ryan Konkul 

East Coast Stamina 6 Qualifiers

Those in the In The Groove community are likely to know about the East Coast Stamina series. This tournament is a major test of four-panel dance game stamina at the highest level, and the qualifiers are now open. Click the banner below to learn more about East Coast Stamina 6

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