Genesis 7

GENESIS is back in The Town, January 24-26 2020! The world’s largest grassroots smash event will once again happen at the Oakland Convention Center and Paramount Theater in downtown Oakland! Early Bird discount available until 8/12! Get a FREE T-shirt, pin, and wristband in addition to the discounted venue fee!

Genesis 6 Results DDR EXTREME PRO Technical iamchris4life kay0ss Tyler Cusick Bluechow 🏆 Top 3 finishers from the DDR Extreme Pro tech tournament at @Genesis_Smash #G6!1st: @CHRS4LFE 2nd: @a40oz4Breakfast 3rd: TY — SF EVOLVED Dance Gaming (@SF_EVOLVED) February 3, 2019 Watch DDR EXTREME PRO @ Genesis 6 from SF_EVOLVED on