Guildhouse Clash

We are back and now holding an event across two days for both Dance Dance Revolution and Stepmania! Come watch some intense tech matches in both games, play some games on arcade cabinets set to freeplay [outside of tournament play], and enjoy a freestyle exhibition by our friends from Freestyle

Last Card

Pack your bags and place your bets, because… SOCAL DDR is going to Vegas! (Just kidding…please don’t actually bet on DDR matches) And we’re hosting a DDR Tourney at Red Note Gaming! Come on by and bring a little luck! Because in a Vegas DDR tourney, It’s all in the card (draw)s! Singles

[Podcast] The Freestyle Takeover Podcast – Episode 18

01:00 – New Decade thoughts/Clash of the Valkyries recap18:45 – Dancerush Stardom freestyle recap59:00 – DDR A20 freestyle recap DRS playlist:…-HHCfudJHNC4O_gel A20 playlist:…UzBr3LKEFvAJELzOZ Available on the following platforms as well!…st/id1369213912

[Podcast] The Freestyle Takeover Podcast – Episode 16 (feat. DaKree)

We continue our conversation with international freestyle superstar DaKree in episode 16 to learn all about his recent trip to Japan, the arcade culture there and his experience at the massive DDR performance festival Nagopafo 🇯🇵🎉 An eye opening episode! Thanks to @Attackthemusic for our intro and outro! Full Nagopafo playlist:…ARLaiZ2nLOmZdO0VR