ECFA 2021

Announcing ECFA 2021! Brought to you by Kyle Dobay (RiOdO), Logan Barnes (McJeebie), Trevor Whitehurst (Chief Skittles), Mason Hester, TJ Barber (implode), Oliver Wing (Telperion), and Leon Brunson (Twix)   ECFA Online is back beginning early Q1 2021, and it will be the biggest and most exciting ECFA Online yet.

UPS Tournament 5

University Park Stepmania Tournament 5! PREREGISTRATION IS OPEN! U.P.S. 5 is an ITG Tournament, sort of It’s more like a casual SM5 Tournament and dance game social event. RULES AND INFORMATION ARE LOCATED HERE: DAN’S 3.95 –> SM5 LUA GUIDE LOCATED HERE: