Stamina RPG 7

Stamina RPG 7 is an online StepMania competition for the post-ITG community that, in addition to being a tournament in its own right, serves as the qualifier for ECS 12. The event focuses on stamina content, but there is a large amount of footspeed and tech-oriented charts available as well.

Nordic Cup 3.5 The Invitational

Nordic Cup 3.5 is an invitational tournament where all the best players from previous events compete! The tournament is held during August 19th to 21st, in McKylä Superarcade with currently planned disciplines of Precision and Stamina. The venue is considerably smaller than our usual Arabia Youth Center, so no spectators

Nordic Cup 3

One of the biggest and best dance gaming tournaments in Europe! Our main focus is to get the community together, have fun and enjoy exciting matches!  There are two different main tournaments, one for Precision(FA/TECH) and one for Stamina. These events have multiple different skill divisions, so everyone will have

Girlpocalypse 2017

Structure 12 girls will be competing in this event. Each player will have two 60 minute sessions play whatever she wants and accumulate points towards specific targets. There are 24 slots throughout the weekend. There are three targets that a player can accumulate points towards – SPEED, STAMINA, and TIMING. Each target has a songlist