A person posting to the Twitter account @_987123879113 discovered through MAME a way to unlock MANIAC mode in Dancing Stage featuring Disney’s RAVE arcade version, something that was previously thought to have not existed in this version of the game and in the Japanese PlayStation console release of “DanceDanceRevolution Disney’s RAVE“.

The video in the tweet posted shows the MANIAC MODE ON indicator after pressing the button combination of holding the P2 Left and Right buttons and pressing the Service and Test menu buttons.

This has been tested on real working System 573 units with the game installed and is confirmed working.

Additionally, the code has also been cracked for unlocking MANIAC mode on the Japanese console release. The unlock method is much more complicated than the arcade version. It requires very precise timing and sequence of song selections and an input using both controllers. See the video below to watch how it’s done.

Single MANIAC: To unlock the Single MANIAC difficulty, a series of songs must be highlighted in specific ways and intervals. The following is an example of a valid song choice:

Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version) for 1 second from left → Chim-Chim-Cher-ee for 2 seconds from left → Macho Duck for 1 second from right → ELECTRICAL PARADE (Retro Future MIX) for 1 second from left → IT’S A SMALL WORLD for 2 seconds from right → I Want You Back for 1 second from right → press left or right.

Afterwards, input this command, which uses both controllers. The game should highlight the MANIAC difficulty afterwards.

Part 1
Part 2