Trick or Beats [RhythmCore]


Round 1 Crystal Run
1 Galleria Dr

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Oct 27 2018


12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Trick or Beats [RhythmCore]

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People are seeded based on total score between both the qualifiers. Double elimination. Song choice format is pick-pick-random. You may not pick a song that you’ve already picked earlier in the tournament. Top seed either gets song choice (first or second) or machine choice (left or right).

Song choices for each round:

– 13 to 16 for the first round
– 14 to 17 for the second round
– 15 to 18 for the third round
– 16-19 for the fourth round if applicable
– Round Robin 17+
If there are less than four rounds due to attendance, this will be shortened accordingly, eliminating the easier song choice ranges.

Any options that don’t include mirror or random are allowed, including excessive, lane colors, judgment position, etc.

A person is allowed any song that they are able to choose provided it lands in the difficulty range of that round. Any song that any player has unlocked can be chosen; if one person has less songs unlocked but wants to choose a song the other person has unlocked, they may do so.

Final four is round robin format, 3 out of 5 for each round. Top seed gets either song choices (first/fourth or second/third) or machine choice. Format is subject to change based on time.

Host: Pachy (Pakachu)
This tournament will be ran double elimination style bracket.
Song selection will be determined by card draw.
Each player must play a qualifier to determine their spot on the bracket.
All mods are selectable
Card Draw:
Every song will be placed into a pool in which a program will draw 5 songs/difficulty at random.
Higher seed will be able to choose from 3 of the following options with the third option going back to the higher seeder.
Choice of song protection order
Choice of song veto order
Choice of cab (Left/Right)
Song protection – Both players will select a song to not be vetoed
Song veto – Both players will select a song to veto
The remaining 3 songs will be played in the order they were drawn.
All songs with the exception of 11/12s will be played on Another difficulty.
Level range for card draw (May change depending on how many rounds)
Round 1 – (8 – 10)
Round 2 – (9 – 11)
Round 3 – (10 – 11)
Round 4+ – (11 – 12)
Matches are played best 2 of out 3.
Scoring for each song will be determined by EX score
PGreat = 2 points
Great = 1 points
Good/Bad/Miss = 0 point

If there is a tie, a random song will be chosen from the randomizer app.
Prize: TBD
Rule type: Card draw based on (
Tsugaru Expert 12
The Island Song Challenge 13
EX score based, submit screenshot of score at results screen. Same set not necessary.
On site qualifiers will end at 12PM, tournament begins at 12:30 PM

Tournament Format:
First round is single elimination for time constraint (if player entry exceeds 32 man)
Each round afterwards is double elimination
Round 1 spread: Level 12 – 14 (weight setting 4, 6, 4)
Round 2 spread: Level 13 – 16 (weight setting 1, 3, 3, 1)
Round 3 spread: Level 13 – 17 (weight setting 2, 3, 5, 5, 3)
Round 4 onward spread: 14 – 18 (weight setting 3, 5, 5, 5, 3)

General Ruleset:
EX Scoring will be used
Higher seed chooses pad or veto order, lower seed gets other choice. 
Tie results in TO card draw of one song
If card draw set includes a song from the BEMANI SUMMER GREETINGS or more recent, a player can veto the set. Player MUST be informed without seeing the set. Songs include but not limited to:
Life is Beautiful
Puberty Dysthymia
Super Summer Sale
Turn mods allowed
Any pad issues and arbitration MUST be called during your song. TOs will keep a close eye in case of persisting issues. IF no observable issues arise for the rest of the match, the tournament will resume.
If pad issues interfere with a match’s results, a rematch of the same song with both players switching sides may be allowed at TO’s discretion.
Rematches will only be allowed if the EX score difference is within 0-10 EX points and there is an obvious pad issue.
Once the next song is selected, the previous song’s results are recorded. No retroactive arbitration is allowed. 
Highest EX score wins. 
Players MUST play through their song. Pretending to fail out will result in an automatic LOSS for the song. 
TO is allowed to call the end of the song early if a player stops playing midway. 
But if they’re about to set a WR just let them do it, it’s kinda hype. 

Seeds are determined based on the total score of both qualifiers (additive).
The tournament will use a double elimination bracket.
Bar use is allowed at all times.
The following mods are forced: HJ, BGA DARK
Any other mods may be used that don’t interfere with the other player’s playfield. No Swords.
Each round will be played using the card draw system. 5 songs in the selected level range will be generated, and each player will veto one song. The remaining 3 songs will be played in the order they are listed (unless the players agree on a different order)
All matches for Top 8 and later will exclusively use Doubles songs. All prior matches will exclusively use Singles songs.
The final match (Grand Finals) will consist of 5 songs, with each player alternating song picks. If necessary, the final song will be random, with a 3 song-set generated and each player vetoing one song.
For doubles, each player will alternate going first (ex. If Player A plays first for song 1, Player B will play first for song 2, and Player A will go first again for the tiebreaker)
The higher seed will either be able to choose one of the following three options. The lower seed will get to choose from the remaining two, with the 3rd going to the higher seed.
Pad side (for singles) or play order (for doubles)
Song veto order (1st or 2nd)
Song protection order (1st or 2nd)
For Grand Finals:
Play order
Pick order
Song veto order
Machine score will be used to determine the winner of each song.
Only arcade charts will be used (no full songs, remixes, shortcuts)

Card Draw Level Ranges:
Round 1: 16-18
Round 2: 17-19
Round 3: 18-21
Round 4: 19-22
Round 5: 20+
(May be adjusted based on number of entrants)

Pump it Up
U Got 2 Know S17 HJ
Allegro Piu Mosso S16 HJ

Queen’s Tragedy – Nekomata Master+ A10

Lucky Clover EXH 17
Lionheart MXM 16

Tsugaru – ESP 12
The Island Song – CSP 13