All American Players Disqualified From KONAMI Arcade Championship

The top North American players that had qualified for the DDR A3 KONAMI Arcade Championship were contacted over the last week and were notified that their entries have been invalidated. KONAMI removing the ability to move e-amusement cards to another KONAMI ID account has made it difficult for non-Japanese players to keep the benefits of basic course, Paseli features, song unlocks, etc. while using an account based in their real home region. The players have been disqualified by KONAMI based on the technicality that they had used more than one account, which is unavoidable for any region outside of Japan.

A pastebin with the correspondence shared with CHRS4LFE between him and KONAMI can be found here.

November 2nd, 2023
From: KAC Operations Team
This is KONAMI Arcade Championship Operations Team.
We have been informed that there was a post on social networking sites saying that you have entered the KONAMI Arcade Championship with more than one account.
Is it true that you are making entries on more than one account?
If this is the case, your entry will be invalidated and you will forfeit your right to participate in the finals in accordance with the entry requirements.
If we do not receive your answer by November 5, we will consider this as truth and you will forfeit your right to participate in the finals.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
KONAMI Arcade Championship運営担当です。
あなたは二つのアカウント以上にてKONAMI Arcade Championshipのエントリーをおこなっている旨のSNS投稿をされているとのご連絡をいただきました。
November 4th, 2023
To: KAC Operations Team
"Thank you for your email. Let me explain my situation.
All competitive DDR players have their account associated with a Japanese KONAMI ID, regardless of their region of residence. This is because it’s the only way to get access to Paseli features, i.e. Basic Course subscription, コナステ subscriptions, Grand Prix song pack unlocks, etc. To qualify for KAC in previous years, non-Japanese players would transfer their accounts to a secondary KONAMI ID that matches their country of residence. However, as of last year, Konami disabled the ability to transfer accounts between two different KONAMI IDs, meaning our accounts are permanently associated with our Japanese KONAMI IDs. This means that any non-Japanese player needed to create new eAmusement card data and associate it with their secondary KONAMI ID in order to properly register and qualify for KAC. However, this created a problem because the new time-limited song unlocks for KAC required players to be registered for KAC, which means they needed to also register on their main accounts. Therefore, this means that every American player had their true submission for KAC on their American KONAMI ID game data while having another registration for KAC on their main Japanese KONAMI ID game data (only 2/9 qualifying songs played to unlock the songs).
That being said, I’d like to point out that the rules for KAC qualifications and updated KONAMI ID transfer policy together made it impossible for any non-Japanese player to qualify without violating any rule. NAT8 is in violation because he *didn’t* make a separate KAC entry that matched his region of residence. HAMBONES, MARQQQ, and I are all in violation because we *did* make a separate KAC entry that matched our region of residence. None of us understand why region of residence is so strictly enforced for a qualifier that didn’t separate entries by region, but we tried our best to follow the rules and I can promise you all submissions were done in good faith. We are all very passionate about DDR, and this opportunity means a lot to us, so I strongly encourage you to reconsider your ideas on invalidating our entries based on the original guidelines.
Thank you for your time.
すべての競技用DDRプレイヤーは、居住地域に関係なく、日本のKONAMI IDに関連付けられています。これは、パセリの機能(ベーシックコース・コナステのサブスクリプション、DDR Grand Prixの楽曲パック・アンロックなど)にアクセスする唯一の方法だからです。過去の年にKACに参加するために、非日本人プレイヤーは、自国の居住地に一致する二次的なKONAMI IDにアカウントを移行していました。しかし、昨年、コナミは異なる2つのKONAMI ID間でアカウントを移行する能力を無効にし、私たちのアカウントは日本のKONAMI IDに永久に関連付けられています。これは、非日本人プレイヤーがKACに適切に登録し、KACに参加資格を得るために、新しいeAmusementカードデータを作成し、それを二次的なKONAMI IDに関連付ける必要があったことを意味します。ただし、これには問題が発生しました。なぜなら、KACのための新しい期間限定の楽曲のアンロックには、KACに登録する必要があったため、主要なアカウントにも登録する必要がありました。したがって、これはすべてのアメリカのプレイヤーが、曲をアンロックするためにプレイした資格を証明するために、アメリカのKONAMI IDゲームデータに正規のKACエントリーを持っていながら、もう一つのKACエントリーを日本のKONAMI IDに間するプレイデータを持っていたことを意味します(予選ラウンドのためにプレイした9曲のうちの2曲のみ)。
それと言っても、KACの資格のルールと更新されたKONAMI IDの移行ポリシーが一緒になり、どんなルールにも違反しないようにすることが不可能になりました。エントリーが無効になった「NAT8」選手は、居住地域に一致する別のKACエントリーを作成しなかったため違反しています。「HAMBONES」、「MARQQQ」、そして私も、居住地域に一致する別のKACエントリーを作成したため違反しています。どれも、どうして居住地域がエントリーを一切区別しない予選に対して厳格に適用されるのか理解できませんが、私たちはルールに従おうと最善を尽くしました。私たちはDDRに非常に情熱を持っており、この機会は私たちにとって非常に重要です。したがって、元のガイドラインに基づいてエントリーを無効にするアイデアを再考することを強くお勧めします。 
November 8th, 2023
From: KAC Operations Team
This is KONAMI Arcade Championship Operations Team from KONAMI Amusement.
Thank you very much for your response.
After further examination of your response, you have been decided to be disqualified in accordance with the entry requirements, and you will not be allowed to participate in the final round.
We appreciate your understanding.
We hope you will continue to patronize Konami Amusement's products in the future.
コナミアミューズメント KONAMI Arcade Championship運営担当です。

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