RINON’S ADVENTURE 3 was expected to bring us the Challenge charts for the remaining EXTRA EXCLUSIVE songs, but what we didn’t expect to find was a hint of something beyond Cosy Catastrophe…

To find out what it is, you have to climb a hellish 156 steps to get there…

WORLD 6?? But we were just at WORLD 10… it looks like a portal to somewhere…

When you reach the end, you obtain the key item and reach Unlock Level A

At EXTRA STAGE, what used to be the cool blue and cloudy theme became what appears to be the end of days, with a new EXTRA EXCLUSIVE title named ENDYMION.

Playing this song will use up all of the HEAT POWER you have been collecting…

EXPERT 18? Looks tough… even the results screen looks like the coming of the apocalypse.

ENDYMION… where have we heard that name before…?

…and who is on that jacket?

Single Beginner (9)

Single Basic (13)

Single Difficult (15)

Single Expert (18)

Double Basic (13)


Double Difficult (15)

Double Expert (18)