DDR A20 PLUS Reveal & Furusato Grand Prix Event

KONAMI’s DDR Twitter @DDR_573 had posted a teaser with simply the number “5” on June 26, 2020. There was much speculation over what this could mean right off the bat. Was it a countdown? 5 new songs? DDR “V”? $5 any regular foot long?

They posted a “4” the next day, immediately indicating that this was a countdown to something.

When it got to “3”, a giant golden “+” sign was visible behind the “3”. DDR A20+?

Now we’re at “2”, with the reveal of a “DanceDanceRevolution A20 PLUS”, coming to “20th anniversary models” aka the gold cabinets, on July 1, 2020. What the “PLUS” really means is still quite unclear. Is it a version update? Or an append release similar to 3rdMIX or 4thMIX PLUS, perhaps including a wave of new songs?

Coming along with the new update is a new multi-game song event called “Furusato Grand Prix” featuring a group of four bands called “Band Meshi”, and it will introduce four new songs by each of the bands. The event begins on July 1, 2020 coming to the DDR A20PLUS gold cabinets as a pre-release event and will come later to DDR A20. Find out more about “Band Meshi” and the “Furusato Grand Prix” event from the links here.

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