The one inevitable and anticipated BEMANI crossover event is finally here! SUMMER DANCE CAMP will start on 8/8/2019 @ 10:00 JST and run until 9/30/2019 @ 18:00 JST. More details on KONAMI’s e-amusement website.

Collect daily stamps by playing DDR A20 and DANCERUSH STARDOM. Play DDR A20 and DRS on the same day and you will collect a bonus stamp for DRS for a total of three daily stamps. Collecting enough stamps will unlock new songs.


  • Play DRS during the event:「Electric Dance System Music / U1 overground」
  • Collect 3 stamps:「Drop The Bounce / Hommarju」
  • Collect 7 stamps:「Astrogazer / DJ TOTTO」

DDR A20 Unlocks

  • Play DDR A20 during the event:「Small Steps / かめりあ」
  • Collect 3 stamps:「DOWNER & UPPER / BEMANI Sound Team “DJ TOTTO”」
  • Collect 7 stamps:「Crazy Shuffle / Yooh」

Also coming to DDR A20 are a set of vocaloid licenses by DECO*27 and ピノキオピー . The DECO*27 songs share jackets with 妄想税 (Mousou zei) and ライアーダンス (Liar dance).

  • 「妄想感傷代償連盟 / DECO*27」
  • 「毒占欲 / DECO*27」
  • 「すきなことだけでいいです / ピノキオピー」