The 2nd COURSE TRIAL for DDR A3 will be NIPPON-NO-MATSURI. Ranking for the course will run from August 10, 2022 through September 7, 2022. Complete the course trial to unlock the song 「ON-DO / PON×U1」.

The following songs will receive CHALLENGE charts as of August 10:

「SHINY DAYS / 亜咲花」
「灼熱Beach Side Bunny / DJ Mass MAD Izm*」
「なだめスかし Negotiation / 鹿乃と宇崎ちゃん」

A couple of more songs have been snuck into the latest update:

「KING / Kanaria」
「酔いどれ知らず / Kanaria」

The start of the DANCE aAROUND x DanceDanceRevolution crossover event begins today August 10, 2022. Check the details on this page here to get songs from DANCE aROUND:

「Easy Peasy / BEMANI Sound Team ”SYUNN”」

「You You You / D.watt feat. 紡音れい」

「Prettiful! / BlackY」

「Go Down / KO3」