[DDR A3] EXTRA SAVIOR A3 Valentine’s and White Day Update

A new EXTRA SAVIOR A3 song will be available to unlock to commemorate Valentine’s and White Day starting on February 2, 2023 for 20th anniversary gold machines and February 6, 2023 for all other versions:

「みゅ、みゅ、Müllる / 月乃 & BEMANI Sound Team “劇団レコード”」

Unlock this song by playing it on EXTRA STAGE and filling the meter until it is unlocked for normal play.

「BITTER CHOCOLATE STRIKER / L.E.D.-G」 will also receive a CHALLENGE chart in commemoration of Valentine’s and White Day.

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“DDR WORLD” releases on June 12, 2024 @ 9:00 JST. This version is an OTA update and may take some time to download and install on arcade machines.

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NEW Skill Point System in “DDR WORLD”

KONAMI revealed a new skill point system as part of the upcoming new version of DanceDanceRevolution, “DDR WORLD,” similar to skill point systems in other BEMANI games. Flare Skill info

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[DDR WORLD] New Licenses and 25th Anniversary Songs

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