Jan 01 2021 - Mar 31 2021


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ECFA 2021

Announcing ECFA 2021! Brought to you by Kyle Dobay (RiOdO), Logan Barnes (McJeebie), Trevor Whitehurst (Chief Skittles), Mason Hester, TJ Barber (implode), Oliver Wing (Telperion), and Leon Brunson (Twix)
ECFA Online is back beginning early Q1 2021, and it will be the biggest and most exciting ECFA Online yet. We are proud to once again host the premier online event for technical play. A wealth of new 4-panel content has come out in the two years since the last ECFA Online event, and we are looking forward to testing players of all skill levels with the hottest and latest content from your favorite step artists. There are some exciting changes we’d like to share regarding the format for this year, which include:
A brand-new technical rating system will debut with the event that lives alongside the classic ITG block difficulty scale, which will give greater depth to scoring difficulty analysis and serve as the definitive tech scoring blueprint going forward;
A brand-new ECFA scoring system that gives competitors ample flexibility in approaching the event and rewards players for challenging themselves;
A new timing window system (SteveReen’s codename Project Waterfall) that will present a fresh challenge and will almost certainly push upper players to their absolute limits;
A team event running in parallel with the individual competition;
Perhaps some additional surprises along the way…
Our beta testing period is November xx – December xx, and we want YOU to be a part of the process! We have some very special folks that have volunteered to do their beta testing LIVE on their Twitch channels, so be on the lookout for these streamers during this time period. You’ll get to see a sneak preview of some of the charts from the ECFA 2021 Base Pack, as well as a special preview version of the Project Waterfall theme used for the event. Your live beta test team is:
Shout outs to Stephen Strasser (SteveReen) for all his work on the waterfall theme and everyone else who has created content for ITG/SM over the years!
Be on the lookout for more details coming very soon. Get hype!!