SMX Winter Cup 2023 (Houston, TX)


Feb 25 2023


Team tournament starts at 2pm followed by Wild tournament
2:00 pm - 10:00 pm



SMX Winter Cup 2023 (Houston, TX)

TOs: JellySlosh & Fano
Location: Fano’s House in Cypress, TX
Freeplay / Qualifers – 12pm – 2pm~
Teams – 2pm – 4pm~
Wild – 4pm~ – ??
Entry Fee: $5
Prize bonus will be provided based on # of entrants.
Prizes: 60%/30%/10% + Pot Bonus for 1st – 4th.
Maximum Entrants: 20
Bracket Format: Double Elimination
Song Pick Format: Card Draw (includes paid DLC)
Songlist: Whatever Update is at least 2 weeks old by this point in time. (Update #36?)
Bar usage is allowed
Mods that disqualify scores or alter a chart are not allowed
BG 25% and disabling announcers are to be used at all times unless both players agree.
Please follow house rules at all times.
Teams Tournament
EX scoring / Gauntlet

The event is finished.