For BEMANI players outside of Japan, it is common for them to have two e-amusement accounts. One account set to Japan region, and the other set to their own region. This is so that they can make use of PASELI options and subscriptions that are only available to players in Japan. In order to do this, they create an account set to the Japan region and attach their e-amusement pass to that account. However, when it comes to KAC time, the rules state that the player’s account must be set to their correct region in order to qualify for the finals. Players may also do this to be ranked according to their own region.

Follow these steps if you need to detach your pass from your current account and attach it to your other account:

1.) Login to the e-amusement website:

2.) Click on the link with your e-amusement pass code or go directly to this link to manage your pass.

3.) Look for the link at the bottom right of the page. Yes, all the way down there. Click the link to detach your pass from your account.

4.) Select your pass, then click the big blue button to confirm your selection.

5.) Click the blue button one more time to confirm detaching your pass. The next page will confirm that you have detached your pass from your account.

6.) Repeat step 1 to login to your other e-amusement account, and step 2 to manage your e-amusement pass.

7.) Click “Register an ‘e-amusement pass’ to KONAMI ID to attach your pass to your account.

8.) Fill out your e-amusement pass information found on the back of your pass, then click the blue Confirm Registration button to attach the pass to your account.

9.) You have now successfully attached your e-amusement pass to your other account!